Wine Hotel Meneghetti, Bale

The superb white stone mansion is a foretaste of the country stay to come: the singing of the crickets, the tranquil beauty of the vines and olive trees, the gentle caress of the sea breeze and an entrancing Mediterranean atmosphere.

Merely a handful of guest rooms are available in this heavenly setting guaranteeing a secluded stay at Wine Hotel. This will give you total peace and quiet to soak up the sun beside the pool, stroll through the grounds, or sample the restaurant’s delights: healthy, fragrant Mediterranean cuisine which showcases local ingredients (including home-produced olive oil) served with the property’s own wine.

The hotel aims to source as much food as possible from within a 50km radius—an approach that sits naturally with suppliers on the peninsula, where close human contact and cooperation has long been vital for the community to thrive. Meneghetti works in partnership with suppliers who provide it with fresh organic vegetables, homemade pasta, award-winning cheeses (sourced from a local dairy – Latus), yoghurt, and naturally, milk truffles—an Istrian delicacy.The chefs turn these high-quality ingredients into Istrian haute-cuisine as part of their quest to reconstruct and reinterpret the area’s traditional recipes. And, every dish is skillfully matched to the hotel’s own range of wines and one of the four varieties of olive oils the estate produces.