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Famous for its high-speed autobahns, Germany is a remarkable country to drive around! Boasting a wide range of outdoor activities set amid surreal landscapes, alle einsteigen (all aboard) as we Road Trip Through Germany. Envisage winding through the beautiful Black Forest as you cruise between Baden Baden to Freudenstadt. Not only that, but imagine driving through the romantic Rhine Valley, chiseled amid cliffs and forests that lead you to the regional capital and media hub, Mainz.

Thinking about visiting Europe this Summer? As the European Union is gradually reopening its borders, why not opt for smaller, less crowded destinations? Since the transmission of covid-19 is still of concern to many travelers, Art In Voyage brings you smaller, yet equally incredible European destinations that avoid crowds while offering exciting experiences. From the whitewashed buildings that spill down the hillside of Santorini, to the world-renowned beaches of Cornwell, situated in the sout

Envisage discovering and exploring the spectacular biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands! Art in Voyage brings you an essential experience of the ethereal sensation. Situated in the Pacific Ocean and included as a part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are remarkable in beauty and authenticity. In this blog, we talk about the diversity of various destinations, including Quito, Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, Espanol Island, Sante Fe Island, Baltra Island, and South Plaza Island.

Traveling can change someone’s life, firstly, by being exposed to a new environment and a new travel destination that you have never set your foot on before. Your mind can entirely open-up from such experiences. Before the Pandemic- coronavirus, the world had it hard still. From the Sri Lankan attacks, the Amazon burning, riots in Hong Kong, Venice flooding fires in Australia. Art in Voyage is all about support to other small businesses.

France, mostly known for Paris and the Eiffel Tower, also has an array of historic buildings, cathedrals and palaces. The outdoor activities are excellent, too! Envisage smoldering natural beauty, from the carved cliffs of Gorges du Verdon to the highest sand dune in Europe – Dune du Pilat. There is an abundance to explore across France, including unique villas that boast impeccable culinary experiences.

Art In Voyage knows that traveling comes with its pros and cons. One of the latter includes other people, often, in large masses! Today, we bring you 9 of the top remote locations in the world for you to consider when seeking complete isolation from the everyday hustle and bustle. We transport you to luxury desert camps, hard to reach peninsulas and islands to escape to. Some are not easily accessible, but the adventure is worth it!

For a quaint, yet riveting escape, visit Cotswolds villages in the UK, a destination at the top of our list! Envisage ancient cottages lining picturesque streets and a brilliant array of centuries-old churches and pubs. These Cotswolds villages also offer a variety of boutique hotels that are renowned for their high standards. Wander through the pretty villages, enjoy a pint at a local pub, or an indulgent spa treatment.

Due to the current global situation, travel restrictions and borders remain closed in most countries. Traveling may be complicated right now, but Art In Voyage is here to inspire you and keep you dreaming. We hope our inspirational trip ideas help you plan in advance for your next adventure! Around the world, millions of tourists flock to famous castles and ancient architectural structures. The question is – what makes them return year after year?

Although Ireland is a small country, it is brimming with exciting and new pursuits. From its youthful and fast-moving society to its intriguing art, literature and music scene, there are a plethora of pastimes to discover. Peppered with historic landmarks, Ireland’s elegant streets, steeped in history, will leave you mesmerized. The towering Cliffs of Moher are a spectacle to behold, while the Connemara wilderness is known to be mystical and hauntingly beautiful.

This Spanish archipelago lies off the North-West Coast of Africa, Morocco, on the exposed tips of a vast volcanic mountain range beneath the Atlantic Ocean with black and white sand beaches. These irresistible Islands offer a beautiful combination of the Moroccan and Spanish flavors, with a year-round sunshine dazzling over the diverse natural scenery landscapes. Opposite to many expectations, the Canary Islands are immensely rich in both original art and architecture……

Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia, is a true travel gem as well as an ideal destination to engage in meaningful cultural experiences. Offering an array of tropical landscapes, from beaches, jungles and towering mountains, to historic monuments and bustling city life, Vietnam has it all. In this blog, we outline 7 must-see destinations in Vietnam for excitable first-timers! Filled with beauty, spectacular views and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Morocco is a gateway to Africa, offering a diversity of landscapes with unique splendors from the ancient city Medinas, epic mountain ranges, sweeping deserts, Historic buildings, Blooming botanical Gardens, Museums, and spicy warm hospitality from locals in the street markets. Morocco’s attractions offer an eye-opening taste of the exotic, with the traditional life of both Arab and Berber population making the country identity strong.

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