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Tick-off one of your most desired American road trips from your checklist. With travel restrictions now eased in the United States, there’s no better time to take any one of the classic American road trips (maybe in a Vintage car?). We have listed you some of our favorites. No sure where to start, where to stay, what to do, or even what to drive? As always, we are standing by to assist you in designing the perfect US getaway.

While soft-sand beaches and lowland jungles may be the first images that leap to mind when you imagine Sri Lanka, this tropical isle is endowed with a mountainous interior that is every bit as scenic as the coast, blessed by pleasantly cool temperatures that rarely tip 21ºC. Join Art In Voyage in discovering the home to a striking colorful scenery, one of the most stunning train rides in the world.

Current events may have put a brake on international travel, but these do not have to impact your honeymoon or anniversary plans. We have gathered some of our favorite honeymoon and anniversary destinations close to home, where you will find the perfect amount of social distancing, some of the best properties, and unique experiences. And because we have sent guests to all these lovely destinations, Art In Voyage is uniquely positioned to create your exclusive escape.

Umbria is often overshadowed by its neighbor Tuscany, which lures food fans with culinary specialties such as panzanella (bread and tomato salad) and bistecca alla Fiorentina (barbecued sirloin). Umbrian dishes such as pasta alla Norcina (pasta with sausage) meanwhile, are yet to register on the radar of the globetrotting gastronome. Indeed our own food-related journeys to Italy had never included Umbria…until 2016.

Bhutan is a global pioneer, the first nation of the world to systematically measure its success not by the strength of its economy but by the happiness of its people. Such a unique approach befits a country unlike any other – a wild, spiritual, and majestic mountain kingdom where tranquility reigns and everything is off the beaten track.

“We are all in this together” has been a phrase that every one of us has heard and seen repeatedly this year. That phrase applies to so many areas of our current lives, including changes in communication with our family and friends, coping with stress, and staying patient. Today we are featuring a dear member of our Art in Voyage family, Karen Brandell. Karen has been developing and performing training sessions, workshops and retreats for over 30 years.

Art In Voyage brings you its favorite Aman properties, selecting only some of its unique and breath-taking locations, soon to be offered on some of our journeys. Explore the uniqueness of each one and discover some of our favorite activities at and around. Aman destinations are renowned for space, seclusion and unsurpassed beauty. Infused with tranquility, Aman resorts offer a host of unparalleled opportunities for private exploration, personal discovery, and reinvigorating wellness immersions.

This Spanish archipelago lies off the North-West Coast of Africa, Morocco, on the exposed tips of a vast volcanic mountain range beneath the Atlantic Ocean with black and white sand beaches. These irresistible Islands offer a beautiful combination of the Moroccan and Spanish flavors, with a year-round sunshine dazzling over the diverse natural scenery landscapes. Opposite to many expectations, the Canary Islands are immensely rich in both original art and architecture……

Well, the psychological benefits of being in the wilderness directly transfer to positive evolution in one's everyday life. When we are removed from the subtle (and not so subtle) distractions of the 21st century, our nervous system starts to calm down and we can settle into some of our deepest inspirations. As our nervous system feels totally relaxed and safe, an overwhelmingly natural sense of peace and place occurs, allowing for new neural pathways to form.

Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia, is a true travel gem as well as an ideal destination to engage in meaningful cultural experiences. Offering an array of tropical landscapes, from beaches, jungles and towering mountains, to historic monuments and bustling city life, Vietnam has it all. In this blog, we outline 7 must-see destinations in Vietnam for excitable first-timers! Filled with beauty, spectacular views and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

From capturing some of Michael Jordan’s career highlights to being blessed by Pope John Paul II whilst assigned to a photo position, Photojournalist Gary Bogdon has a rich collection of memories and life lessons to share with us. With Gary’s incredible experience and knowledge, having our Photographic Journeys hosted by him is an honor for us and a delight for our guests with a passion for photography. We hope you enjoy today’s Q&A with Photojournalist Gary Bogdon!

At Art In Voyage, we always challenge properties we feature to be more eco-friendly, and, when doable, we select partners that have achieved a neutral carbon footprint. While there is a long way to go to ensure that luxury and comfort requirements demanded by many guests are available with minimal to neutral footprint, these fine properties are among some of our favorites, both for their achievement in sustainability and the unique experiences they offer.

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