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From the impact of COVID-19 on the food and restaurant industry to the changing relationship with food many of us are currently dealing with, Chef Kevin Fonzo sheds light on all things food in today’s Q&A. Former owner of the famous “K” restaurant, Chef Fonzo has cooked numerous times at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, he’s been added to the “Orlando’s Dining Hall of Fame”, and now heads his very own NPO, “The Kevin Fonzo Foundation”.

A group of countries and dependencies in the Western hemisphere is often referred to as “Latin America”. Its joyful mellowness, its brightly colored cities, and the sheer beauty of its wide-open spaces are the main attractions of this post-colonial continent. It is Latin because of the most predominant spoken languages are Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Here, we will uncover the deliciousness of the following countries in Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, etc...

We are thrilled to be featuring the lovely Crystal Hochman in today’s Q&A! Crystal is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. On top of that impressive collection of titles, Crystal is also an Art in Voyage Journey Host. Discover how ways of wellness, yoga and meditation can aid the stresses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We all need a space to heal in these trying times.

Discover terraced vines and spindly olive trees form a patchwork quilt over gently rolling hills, which are themselves covered by a maze of powdery dirt roads. Follow one of these bumpy paths far enough and you’ll find an olive oil mill, a farm-to-table restaurant and a hilltop winery. In fact, if you squint a bit, this place could pass for the famed Italian wine region of Tuscany – that is, if you can overlook the wild capybaras.

Exploring the underrated splendors of Kolkata, including some of the busiest streets located in East India, is making sure you understand and pay homage to its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, history and countless cultural festivals. Formerly known as Calcutta, It is called the “CITY OF JOY” because of the food, festivals and hospitality that can never leave you disheartened. Kolkata was India’s first truly cosmopolitan city and it remains a living encyclopedia of lost worlds.

Our previous guest feature with Dr. Grieper and Melinda Grieper gave us a solid understanding of the current pandemic and what’s happening on the frontlines of it all. We now turn to Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Elvira Wright from Wright Aesthetics, to shed light on immunity and practical ways for us to keep our immunity strong during this time. We hope you enjoy the additional pearls of wisdom Dr. Wright shares along the way.

While our lives are currently being affected in so many ways, it's the perfect time to turn to those who have valuable and positive insights to share with us. At Art in Voyage, we're fortunate to have a list of incredible past guests who we will be featuring over the next few weeks! Health, fitness and wellness, financial, cooking, and travel are the topics we will be shedding light on.

As part of our guest features series, we bring you the facts and insights from Dr. Grieper and Melinda Grieper who are on the frontlines in Central Florida hospitals, leading teams caring for COVID -19 patients. With the increasing amount of ‘fake news’ and misinformation circulated on social media, it’s of great value hearing directly from the experts themselves. We thank Dr. Grieper and Melinda Grieper for taking time out of their extremely busy schedules to share this with us!

“Social Distancing”, a new concept, although some may argue that by creating social media platform, we have been doing some distancing..socializing! Either way, it seems that concept is here to stay, and possibly expand. So we thought we’d look for articles and do some research on destinations that one could easily add to their wish list, if one was to hope for some..social distancing. Here are 7 among our favorite social distancing destinations (yet, you can be sure more are out there). Enjoy!

Italy has the most beautiful villages across all of its regions. We uncover 8 of the most beautiful Italian villages and their breathtaking landscapes, unique architecture and pristine islands. We’ll be covering everything from the hillside town of Cetona, known for its distinct landscapes, and its stunning beauty, to the sea town of Marzamemi, a village of Arab origin that gives you the feeling of being transported back in time.

Explore the hidden gems of the United Arabic Emirates, more commonly referred to as the UAE. This country is notorious for its most phenomenal city, Dubai, and its unique infrastructures and skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa (standing at an impressive 828 meters tall). Not to mention the UAE’s second most populous city, Abu – Dhabi, which is home to more than 200 incredible islands. Yet, very rarely do we associate the UAE with its incredible outdoors and nature reserves.

Most of us know Valentine’s Day has become a “holiday” designed by capitalist chocolatiers and novelty toy purveyors. The day that finds it’s way to your doorstep, uninvited and needy. Then comes the dash to the local pharmacy or department store where you find the biggest, loudest, frilliest creation made available to symbolize your big, big love for your significant other. When we look past the commercial poofery, emboldened in lace and tule; there is a lovely sentiment in being reminded.

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