Journey Of Renewal

07 May 2022 - 14 May 2022

When you feel like pressing the reset button is needed, when you know the time has come to step away from the daily grind, even for a short time, Art In Voyage is here for you - Experience your very own Journey of Renewal

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Journey Of Renewal

Commitment deposit
based on double occupancy

Your commitment deposit of $250 /person (or $500 per room) is fully refundable should Art In Voyage not be able to confirm this departure by . (of course, we would be happy to privatize it for you)

Should you decide to cancel your commitment anytime before , the $250 /person collected will not be refunded, yet, may be used towards future journeys with us.

Should the journey receive a green light to depart, your commitment deposit will then be applied towards your reservation, and an additional deposit of $500 per person will be due.