Covid-19 updates

Covid-19 updates

April 7, 2020 update

Several countries in Europe have engaged an ease of their lock-down rules as cases have decreased on a consistent basis. However, travel to these countries may still be restricted or limited, and Art In Voyage is monitoring the situation. Journeys departing early May have now been postponed to September. As we continue to look for positive signs, we will keep you posted. If your government has issued lock-down or stay-at-home orders, please kindly follow them. Flattening the curve is the only way for borders to slowly re-open, and travel to resume.

Art In Voyage has already started collecting from hundreds of partners and suppliers, information regarding possible specials that may be offered throughout the summer and the fall for guests eager to get back on the road. We will make sure post, and notify you as soon as those become available.

Stay well and upbeat!

March 24, 2020 update

As Art In Voyage continues to monitor the situation around the globe, the shut down over over 90% of international flights and the closing of borders in over 130 countries make it hard to plan what's next. At this time, we continue to "wait and see". All Art In Voyage April departures (Exclusive and Curated) have been postponed/re-scheduled, and we are currently working with our guests departing in May to re-schedule their journeys with the minimal impact, financially and otherwise.

Art In Voyage remains open (virtually), currently keeping all its staff on board, many working from home during the lock down of South Africa, where we have an office. All remain employed and we continue to do our best to provide support and care for them and their families during this hard time. Your safety, and theirs, is our top priority.

We urge our clients and friends to observe the recommendations provided by their local authorities. This in turn will help all of us resume our respective lives much faster.

March 17, 2020 update

Art In Voyage has now postponed and re-scheduled its Behind The Lens: ICELAND journey to April 9-17, 2021, and its Taste of Africa journey to October 17-27, 2020. We are grateful for all our guests who have agreed to attend the re-scheduled journeys, and continue to keep everyone in our thoughts.

Art In Voyage is also extending its special offer & booking conditions, previously set to end March 31. It now extends for all bookings made by April 30, 2020 and for all countries.

Read the message of hope sent by our CEO yesterday by clicking here

March 13, 2020 update

Travel restrictions imposed by the U.S for incoming flights effective March 14, 2020

Read the official US Government policy here.

US citizens and permanent residents: You are NOT affected by the travel restrictions announced today.
Non-US citizens and non-permanent residents traveling TO the US: You are affected by the travel restrictions if you have been in a Schengen country at any point in the 14 days before your planned entry date to the USA.
Non-US citizens and non-permanent residents traveling FROM the US: You are able to fly out of the USA, as the travel restrictions only affect travel TO the USA. If you have a round-trip ticket that will take you back to the USA, you should check the official US Government policy regarding your destination.

Note this does not mean airlines will continue operating. At this time, no airlines has announced cancellation of flights as a result. However, that is still an evolving situation and should planes become empty, certain airlines may decide, for economic reasons, to suspend some, or all flight to/from certain European destinations.

March 11, 2020 update

At this time when the news is dominated by Coronavirus, we want all our guests to know that we take this threat as well as the logistical disruptions caused by it very seriously.

We believe getting the actual facts on the matter is a duty we take very seriously. As such, we are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of the virus. Our focus is to ensure we meet the needs of our guests while doing our part to keep you, our staff members, and our communities safe.

Here’s what we’re doing:
• Our team of hosts and our local partners are re-enforcing their procedure to ensure that vehicles as well as properties used have received a thorough check. Since the virus is mostly caught from surfaces (on which it can stay up to 30 hours), we are focusing on that piece. We are also upholding our partners to the highest levels of hygiene and requiring additional assurances that everything is done to guarantee a clean and healthy environment for guests and hosts.

• We are monitoring our hosts and partners, and asking them to stay home and find a replacement should they feel ill or should they have been exposed to the virus in any shape or form. To that effect, we are re-enforcing our health checks as well as making sure basic hygiene rules are adhered to. We have also asked our hosts, for the time being, to greet all guests with the biggest smile and a head nod as opposed to hugs (our favorite) and handshakes.

• Regarding our journeys set to depart to Italy and other affected areas, we are closely monitoring the situation and have not currently canceled any departures based on the information on hand. We will re-assess the situation 30 days prior to departure, then 20 days. If needed, journeys will be re-scheduled and guests offered a credit, and will be engaged in picking the new dates. Guests will also be offered to select a different journey that may work better for them. Unless canceled by our company due to a threat level 4, a closure of all airports, a quarantine or a major impact on logistics and transportation hubs, Art In Voyage's existing cancellation policy applies to all journeys departing. However, fees and penalties will be waived for any changes that may need to take place, be it for dates or guests make-up.

For new reservations made for countries said "at risk", starting March 10, 2020, Art In Voyage will reduced its penalty phase to 1 week prior to departure as opposed to 90 or 120 days. This is valid for all new reservations made between March 10 and 31, 2020 with travel dates set between March 10 and December 31, 2020. In short, a refund in full will be offered for any cancellations that may occur up to one week prior to departure for destinations considered risky or labeled as threat level 2 or above by the U.S. State Department. Additional conditions may apply.

During this challenging time, many people are choosing to stay home and cancel their travel plans. While it may feel like a wise decision, we always encourage discovering the world, other cultures and other lands when doing so in a safe manner. We strongly believe it is still possible to do so even though additional precautions may be required, including making sure you avoid crowds, strengthen your immune system, regularly wash your hands and avoid touching surfaces, but most importantly, self isolate yourself if you believe you may have been affected. There is no need to put our communities at risk if it can be avoided.
Our travel experts are standing by to advise you on alternative travel destinations with minimal risks or logistical disruptions. In short, if you can, we encourage you to #Keepontraveling!

Your safety is our highest priority along with your enjoyment and experience while traveling. We truly appreciate the trust that you place in our team and our boutique agency, and look forward to answering any questions you might have, and continue serving your travel needs.

Yours In Travel,

Mikael Frank Audebert
Founder & CEO