Our friendly, knowledgeable team awaits your input to then envision and transform your travel dreams into the greatest and most exclusive experience.

What we absolutely don’t do is:

  • Plan rote, boring bus tours and other mass-group trips that zip past the things you should see and make long stops in front of things you have no interest in.
  • Never – ever! – send a client to destinations we have not personally vetted and approved first. Simply, if we haven’t been there and given it high marks, we’ll never send you there first. Guaranteed!

Each Art In Voyage-designed Journey Is “Handcrafted”

  • Your journey begins with … imagination! Conjure up visions of your dream escape, then share them with us. We’re trained to listen carefully to each and every preference on your wish list. Once we hear from you – and ask the necessary, clarifying questions (about timing, lodging requirements, dietary requirements, budgets etc.), we start drafting a range of concepts and itineraries to present to you, always matching our suggestions to your preferences as well as proposing a carefully edited alternative based on our experience and expertise.
  • Your journey continues, fueled by excellence and a focus on your signature satisfaction. Naturally, each Art In Voyage guest has the final say over his or her own, travel plans. After we prepare a draft itineraries, we review them with you and make any modifications necessary, before finalizing your plans. Our professional dream makers will provide honest advice and recommendations along the way.
  • Creating the customized plans that you love is our passion. Once your journey itinerary is established, you have two options:
    • Art In Voyage can continue to finalize all the arrangements, right down to providing a complete, detailed travel journal of the itinerary (including our very best recommendations for dining, site visits and activities). This option comes with complete 24/7 assistance during your journey as well as our concierge service.
    • Alternately, you may decide to finalize the arrangements yourself, based on our handcrafted itinerary and recommendations. In such case, a small design fee is assessed for the work of our professional dream makers (refer to our FAQs)
  • Our exceptional, global partnerships make the difference. It is true – many thousands of hotels and travel providers are just a quick Google search away. But, are they invested in creating a better experience for you? Will they be there for you in the face of possible challenges arising before and during your journey?