Fair question! With hundreds of online travel services in addition to the thousands of travel agents out there, one might ask “WHY use a service such as the one offered by Art In Voyage”?

The answer: Because Art In Voyage specializes in customizing and carefully designing a journey that works for you.

Rather than showering you with myriad of confusing options, or wasting your time having you leaf through set catalogued, “one size fits all” packages, we take pride in designing all our journeys from scratch, for each one of our guests are unique! We pay close attention to your needs, requirements and budget. Then our dream makers get to work. They use their expertise, their relationships with preferred partners and, most importantly, their very own experiences traveling the world and staying at the very properties we offer you.

We have the know-how and resources you want and need for a successful, stress-free journey:

  • We know which areas and properties to avoid
  • We know the best airline routings to save you time and minimize your inconvenience
  • We know the right brokers for special yacht charters
  • We know the best eateries that would suit your preferences and interests
  • We know the best spas that may cater to your very unique needs
  • We know the best travel times of the year for each destination
  • We have great relationships with hundreds of local partners

All this and more helps us to help you enjoy a memorable experience! Other online booking sites simply cannot provide the personal focus and service that eventually determine the success of your journey!