Discover New Destinations


June 19, 2019

Your days are spent working hard and juggling every aspect of life, but you still dream about that destination that’s been on the top of your travel bucket-list for longer than you can remember. So what’s holding you back from taking that vacation you know you deserve? If we were to tell you that an exclusive journey had been designed and planned to your dream destination according to the dates you’re available, within your specific budget and in line with what you love doing most on vacation, wouldn’t that make your dream vacation just that much more attainable?


Focus on Thailand, Japan and Bali/Komodo

June 15, 2019

From futuristic cities to ancient traditions, Asia is fast becoming one of the most sought-after travel destinations. Delving into local authentic experiences to get a real feel and understanding of a region is becoming more of a priority for today's discerning traveler, as well as experiences that allow for personal transformation and growth, makes Asia such an up and coming continent to explore. We here at Art in Voyage understand the ways that travel is evolving, leaving traditional travel packages, tours and trips far behind to create personal, immersive and rewarding travel experiences. Creating and curating dream journeys is an art form we have perfected over many years, and it’s our customer centric culture and professional knowledge that few other travel companies can offer. Instead of providing an extensive list of travel packages and tours to Asia, we have curated three bespoke journeys to our top destinations in the region, which will certainly not be found on Google or on other travel sites, but that’s what we pride ourselves in. If Japan, Indonesia, or Thailand are on your travel bucket-list, read on to discover the road less traveled we take on our journeys to these mystical and magical destinations.