Sustainable travel | Most Sustainable Destinations to Travel to in 2022

January 12, 2022

The idea of Sustainable travel has been steadily gaining traction over the past few years, but its importance has been greatly emphasized since the onset of the pandemic. Ever since the world’s citizens have become confined to their homes, there have been major improvements to the ozone layer, and the quality of air. As a result, more and more people have been asking the question, “how can we play our part better?”, leading to travelers wanting to be more mindful of their chosen destinations.

As a company within this sector, we are certainly advocates for sustainable tourism and as you become a more conscious traveler, we acknowledge that you’ll want your destinations to be more conscious too. Join us as we take a look at some of the most sustainable destinations worldwide that are playing their part in order to save the world we live in because you know, this is our home after all.

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1. Fun Filled Finland

If pandemic life has given you a case of cabin fever, Finland should be your next travel destination. The country is perfect for a foray outdoors, with open spaces that encourage stretching your legs while filling your lungs with fresh, unpolluted air that is far cleaner than any concrete jungle.

Fun fact: In 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) claimed that air pollution and other factors like climate change, were some of the biggest threats to human health. In Finland, you get to enjoy what is proclaimed to be the clearest water and air in the world!

Finland takes sustainability and sustainable travel very seriously, and they even had the tourist board create a blueprint of sustainable activities that visitors could engage in during their stay. If you are looking to get back to nature and explore the world once again, Finland certainly ticks all the boxes.

Caslte-on-the-water-Scotland-by-Art-In-Voyage-Sustainable travel | Most Sustainable Destinations to Travel to in 2022
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2. Sustainable Scotland

When speaking about sustainable travel destinations, it is very difficult to leave Scotland out of the conversation. In 2020, an initiative called “Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency” was launched in the hopes of encouraging the tourism sector to further reduce carbon emissions., Scotland was the first country to pen their name to the declaration; a sure sign that they are enthusiastic first adopters of this “call to action”.

Moreover, Scotland has repeatedly proven itself to be a nation at the forefront of sustainability, with Glasgow, a city in Scotland, hosting the most changemakers and conversations around the climate emergency.

Apart from climate change, Wilderness Scotland has also showcased its sustainable tourism for close to 20 years, , with the European Nature Trust receiving praise for their conservation of the Scottish Highlands at Alladale Wilderness Reserve.

In Scotland, tourists can enjoy a country that appreciates making a positive impact as much as they do.

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3. What do you green, Germany?

Sustainability doesn’t always mean taking care of the environment, it can also mean taking care of yourself. Studies have shown that since travel has resumed, vacation goers have been booking trips more for the sake of relaxation and well-being, rather than a fleeting experience.

In Germany, wellness is not just a buzzword, it is a key pillar of life. The country is home to hundreds of health resorts, even ones that practice spa sustainability. Enjoy a night at the carbon-neutral Nature Resort Schindelbruch in Südharz or relax at the moonlight sauna at Eifel-Therme Zikkurat.

And if you thought that sustainability stops within its borders, you would be sorely mistaken as even their long-distance trains run on 100 percent green electricity.

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4. Make a Difference in Madagascar

Sustainable travel is about becoming more mindful about how our actions contribute to the environment and the local communities that we travel to. Showing support to a country in need of tourism revenue, whilst booking a nature-saving holiday, is a great option for all of us in the coming months.

Madagascar is a beautiful island-country with a primaeval rainforest waiting to be explored. The island is home to many different species of wildlife that can’t be found elsewhere in the world, making it the perfect destination for both support and exploration.

And although Madagascar was made famous by the animated movie with the same name – more recent news coverage has shown that the country has experienced the world’s first climate-induced famine in the south. NGOs such as SEED Madagascar are working to raise awareness while sustainable tourism companies such as are focused on organizing more volunteer tourism trips. If you want to become a part of climate change, visiting an island setting like Madagascar can not only provide the local community with additional resources, but it can also bolster awareness for its people, animals and land.

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5. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland

The 17 SDGs are a collection of global goals that were announced in 2015 and they act as a blueprint for countries to follow to create a better future for all. When the SDGs were introduced, Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway all ranked within the top 10.

In Norway, hydropower contributes to 45 percent of its power, whereas in Iceland, the entire country is powered by renewables. Family-owned businesses are also encouraged by the efforts of the countries in which they operate and show their support by choosing geothermal and hydroelectric energy for their operating needs.

When planning your next vacation, keep in mind that you can make a difference to the communities that you’re traveling to. Sustainable travel can be about well-being, visiting a destination that practices sustainability, or visiting a destination in need of revenue through tourism. Whatever the case, you have the power to create change just by simply rethinking your travel plans.