From futuristic cities to ancient traditions, Asia is fast becoming one of the most sought-after travel destinations. Delving into local authentic experiences to get a real feel and understanding of a region is becoming more of a priority for today's discerning traveler, as well as experiences that allow for personal transformation and growth, makes Asia such an up and coming continent to explore. We here at Art in Voyage understand the ways that travel is evolving, leaving traditional travel packages, tours and trips far behind to create personal, immersive and rewarding travel experiences. Creating and curating dream journeys is an art form we have perfected over many years, and it’s our customer centric culture and professional knowledge that few other travel companies can offer. Instead of providing an extensive list of travel packages and tours to Asia, we have curated three bespoke journeys to our top destinations in the region, which will certainly not be found on Google or on other travel sites, but that’s what we pride ourselves in. If Japan, Indonesia, or Thailand are on your travel bucket-list, read on to discover the road less traveled we take on our journeys to these mystical and magical destinations.

Experience Incredible Indonesia

From white water rafting, volcano hiking, trekking the jungle, yoga sessions and snorkeling the incredible marine sanctuaries, to daily massages and exploring the Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, our Classics of Indonesia: Bali and Komodo journey gives guests a chance to re-connect, as much or as little, with themselves. The Indonesian Islands are also synonymous with luxury hotels and resorts in Bali and beyond, and we’ve guaranteed our guests the best Indonesia has to offer - take a look at where you would stay here.

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Explore Mystical Thailand

Moving further North, we explore the ‘land of a thousand smiles’ on our Mystical Thailand journey. Going beyond the expected things to do and places to go in Thailand, this journey takes you to Bangkok, the Kwai River, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and even into Laos and Burma. From witnessing the daily ritual of Monks descending the mountains in the northern part of Chiang Mai to private cooking classes and glamping at the Four Seasons in Chiang Rai, this is the perfect dose of culture, traditions and food that could very well change the way you approach life thereafter. Your local journey host will provide you with a deeper understanding of their culture, people and landscape.

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Embrace Magical Japan

Do you picture yourself spending a night in a Buddhist temple, experiencing the routines and ways of a Monk? Or how about a luxurious glamping experience at the foot of Mt Fuji? Our “Fall in Japan” journey is a magical two week experience beneath the rich colors of Autumn foliage in Japan. Week 1 of the journey explores the classic wonders of Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto, whereas Week 2 of the journey delves further into the hidden gems of Japan with a focus of experiencing authentic Japanese culture. If you didn’t know already, Tokyo is the city with more Michelin stars than any other countries as well as having some of the best street food the world has to offer, forming just one of the tantalising aspects this journey entails.

With the option of joining us for just one of the two weeks or the full two week journey, we can assure you that your specific Japan wish-list will be completed on this journey.

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