Agrippina Palamarchuk

Journey host

Agrippina, our newest fabulous journey host, grew up in a small town near Tyumen, in Siberia. It’s called “Borovsky” which literally means “in the woods”. From a young age, she had felt a whole world out there was ready for her to take on, and explore. From there was born her desire to travel and make it a career.
It was very pretty but I suppose it was hard for me to appreciate the beauty, I have always wanted to explore, see more, move to other places. Meeting new people, learning about local cultures and understanding how connected everything is has become a passion. She is now putting this to work for the benefit of Art In Voyage's guests. When Agrippina is not hosting our journeys, she travels around the world as a flight attendant, making other people dream about new destinations.

Agrippina's top destinations

Florence, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

St Petersburg, Russia