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Eric Townsend

Senior Lead Host

Eric joined the team early 2018 as its Operations lead, and Ambassador of our Gratitude program. Eric comes from a corporate background, specializing in the hospitality industry. Thanks to his extensive experience working for a large hotel group, he is bringing to Art In Voyage a unique experience in developing and executing processes. An avid world traveler (and flight attendant), Eric has worked with our CEO for many years on several other projects, from community service to large event planning. After working through the company's operations procedure, Eric is returning to the field, leading several of Art In Voyage's curated journeys as Senior Lead Host,

His favorite destinations remain the countries of Scandinavia. Fascinated by their (viking) culture and history, he finds himself spending time there several times a year. Ask him anything about Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm, and be prepared to catch his contagious passion for these incredible cities.

Q&A with Eric

In which city did you grow up?

Norwich, NY, US

Where did you go on family vacations as a child?

Niagara Falls, ON, CAN

What was the first country you ever visited (outside of your own) and how old were you?

Canada 8

When did you first realize that travel meant something more to you?

My first road trip to Florida back in 2000 after graduating High School.

5-Star Hotel or Private Villa?

Private Villa

What’s the one travel tip that you always share with all your friends/guests?

Always have an outfit and basics in your carry on! #EternallyLostLuggage

What are your top 3 cities or towns?

Cannon Beach, Oregon, Barcelona, Spain, anywhere in Tuscany

What has been your most spiritual travel experience?

My first time visiting Ecola State Park in Oregon. The views are breathtaking.

Who will you never travel with again?

If we've traveled together before, and havent since...well... there you go LOL

What is the most stand out restaurant experience you’ve had recently?

Osteria Le Logge, Siena, Italy

What was your biggest travel faux pas?

Cafe with milk after 11am in Italy!

New York, Milan or Hong Kong?


What’s the most adventurous travel experience you’ve ever had?

5 shows, 4 days, Florida to Texas to Oregon to Washinton to BC, Canada. X_o

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Northern Lights in Sweden or Norway

What do you do to relax and unwind in your personal time?

concerts, off the grid visits to the mountains of Upstate, NY, poolside hiding-out

Plane, train or automobile?


French Riviera or Swiss Alps?

Swiss Alps

When did you know that your career would be travel related?

When I was 20, working in a hotel. I wanted to visit them all, everywhere!

If you could invite 5 celebrity guests along on your next vacation, who would they be?

Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson, Britney, housewives of OC/NYC, Barb from Stranger Things, lol

What home comfort do you miss the most when travelling?

My pillows

Which country makes the best coffee?


Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad or Fuji?


Journeys with Eric

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