Johan Westermann

Junior System Developer

Christopher Nolan films, late night Dota 2 and always being kind off an introvert; It is no surprise that Johan is part of the geek team. He has seen most of the world… on google maps, and if you think that’s impressive bear in mind, he can program in 13 different programming languages including Assembly and C.

Johan has been into Computer Science since the age of 9. Though it was quite humble beginnings, he cannot put in words the astonishment in his little mind after making the computer say “Hello, World!”. That feeling is why he pursued his dreams and why he has 7 editions of “Software Engineering for dummies” as paper weights on his desk. His biggest role model is Alan Turing for a simple reason: despite his hardships (World War 2 and discrimination towards his sexuality), Turing basically had the single biggest contribution to the principles of modern-day Computational Machines.

Johan grew up in the small Industrial town of Witbank but moved to Cape Town at the end of 2019. He is currently studying towards his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of the People and aim to, one day, be part of a research team to contribute to the field quantum computing.