Pierre Scot

Journey Director

Pierre grew up by the sea in Britanny, France, where he spent most of his teenage years waiting on his surfboard for the next wave or eating Breton pastries. Since then he has lived in Bordeaux, Paris, Basel (Switzerland), New-York and he’s now living in London. He enjoys international vibrant cities as much as remote natural preserved areas.

His favorite destinations:

  • Iceland. He’s been there three times over the last decade. He loves Iceland as this is the place where he can really feel that the Earth is alive. He’s absolutely fascinated by  the stunning nature and the lives of the elves (yes! they do exist!).
  • British Columbia. Having in the same place mountains, surfing beaches, a big international city and bears is definitely what heaven must look like for Pierre.
  • France.  For Pierre, the magic of France is that within a 1 hour drive you reach a totally different scenery than the one you are coming from. From snow topped mountains, to endless sand beaches by the ocean, from vineyards and cheese countryside areas to the luxury of the French riviera, France offers such a wide range of scenery that there is a scene for everyone. Not to mention the food diversity.

One on One with Pierre

In which city did you grow up?

Moline, Illinois

Where did you go on family vacations as a child?

Wisconsin Dells

What was the first country you ever visited (outside of your own) and how old were you?

Mexico. I was 19

When did you first realize that travel meant something more to you?

The first time I visited Paris

5-Star Hotel or Private Villa?

5 star hotel

What’s the one travel tip that you always share with all your friends/guests?

The longer your trip, the less you need to pack

What are your top 3 cities or towns?

New York, London, Paris (not necessarily in that order)

What is the most stand out restaurant experience you’ve had recently?

Leonti, a new Italian restaurant on New York's Upper West Side

What was your biggest travel faux pas?

Putting too much detergent in the neighborhood laundromat in Paris.

New York, Milan or Hong Kong?

New York, New York

What’s the most adventurous travel experience you’ve ever had?

Riding my bicycle from Astoria, Oregon, to Boston

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Buenos Aires

What do you do to relax and unwind in your personal time?


Plane, train or automobile?

Train if it's Europe; plane if it's domestic

French Riviera or Swiss Alps?


When did you know that your career would be travel related?

The first time I visited London

What home comfort do you miss the most when travelling?

My dog, Toby

Which country makes the best coffee?


Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad or Fuji?

Sony, but I use my iPhone X more than anything