Saska Nel

Marketing Manager

Saska is a born and bred Capetonian with a love for all things colorful and cultural. Her interests include podcasts, documentaries, and conversations about the real meaning of life. When she is not waxing lyrical to all who will listen to her incessant chatter, she enjoys lazy weekends with her two dogs, two cats, and her extremely tolerant and loving fiancé. She often involves herself with creative pursuits that include painting all the furniture she can get her hands on or journaling and making candles. These activities are always accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and chocolate readily on hand!

As a marketing professional, she has over 10 years in the industry, helping grow start-up businesses in both the finance and agritech industries. She has since expanded on her love of travel by joining the Art in Voyage team, where she hopes to inspire other adventurers to follow their dreams.

One on One with Saska

What was the first country you ever visited (outside of your own) and how old were you?

Mozambique - 21 years old

When did you first realize that travel meant something more to you?

I decided to book a trip to Bali when I turned 29 and I spent 2 weeks exploring this beautiful island - mostly on foot or via scooter - with a local guide who became a friend along the way. When I returned from this trip, I felt genuinely homesick for the island and the people and I vowed that I would return whenever I was able to. It was on this trip that I realized that while there is no place like home - there are also so many places that deserve to be explored and some that may even become a home away from home.

What’s the one travel tip that you always share with all your friends/guests?

Pack light and keep it simple. Take a big enough suitcase for trinkets and tokens that you will undoubtedly spot along the way and don't be afraid to try as many new things as possible with the local people of the area you travel to.

What are your top 3 cities or towns?

London, Amsterdam, Cape Town

What has been your most spiritual travel experience?

I think that all travel is spiritual. It is only when we travel that we discover that are souls are connected to so much of the world around us and we are welcome to explore all parts of this planet should we so wish to.

New York, Milan or Hong Kong?

I would love to visit both Hong Kong and New York - probably in that order.

What’s the most adventurous travel experience you’ve ever had?

Hitchhiking in the village of UBUD when we decided that it would be easy to find a taxi driver and promptly sent ours on their way. With no cell service or real knowledge of the area, we were almost stranded with no options remaining but to walk the long distance back to town.

French Riviera or Swiss Alps?

Swiss Alps

If you could invite 5 celebrity guests along on your next vacation, who would they be?

David Mitchell and Lee Mack - while not technically a comedy duo they make a very amusing pair together and laughter is the best medicine after all.
Ricky Gervais - he is smart and funny and a good conversationalist. His view on life is fascinating and often profound.
Sam Harris or Malcolm Gladwell - excellent insights into the human condition and why we do the things we do.

Which country makes the best coffee?

I love the coffee from home. South Africa is still top for me!

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