covid19 protocols

Updated processes and policies

Art In Voyage has developed and updated post Covid-19 processes & policies to ensure health and safety of all our guests, as we start thinking about traveling again. In addition to relaxing some of our booking policies, we wanted to share with you some of the actions we will be taking prior to welcoming you on any journeys, and during your experience with us.

Booking with us

• We have reduced our deposits by up to 50% on all of our journeys. We hope this assists our guests with making a decision to join us without stretching the finances during what is an economic slowdown for everyone.
• On more than 90% of our journeys, we've relaxed our final balance deadline, from 90 days prior to departure to 60 days.
• Between 25 and 30 days prior to departure, should a destination become difficult to travel to as a result of travel bans AND a level 4 advisory from the U.S State department, you will have the option to withdraw from the journey. All monies paid will be available for future journeys, without any penalties (flights purchased separately will not be covered). In some rare instance, a cash refund (full or partial) may become available.
For Exclusive Journeys only: Between 30 and 45 days prior to departure, should a destination become difficult to travel to as a result of travel bans AND a level 4 advisory from the U.S State department, all monies paid will be available for future journeys, without any penalties (flights purchased separately will not be covered). In some rare instance, a cash refund (full or partial) may become available.
• Our Globetrotter and Jetsetter members will now be receiving complimentary travel insurance for up to $10,000 per room, covering everyone in your party for any cancellations up to 2 days PRIOR to departure in cases of covid19 infection, illness, death, deployment of active duty personnel, terrorism or acts of gods affecting your destination or your home city OR undue forced quarantine at your destination (self isolation is not covered). Our guests will remain responsible for insurance coverage they wish to have DURING the journey.
• We have partnered with an insurance company that will offer our guests, at a reduced premium, coverage related to Covid-19 before during your travels. Note that canceling for fear of catching covid19 is not covered. However, you will be covered for canceling because you or someone in your traveling party has contracted covid-19, if undue quarantine at the destination is imposed (self-isolation not included) and should you contract covid-19 while traveling (doctor, hospital, medication, losses due to trip interruption, etc..)

Before traveling

• All our guests will receive a kit, at home, that will include masks and hand sanitizing gel
• Our hosts will be tested 5 days prior to welcoming you, and immediately replaced in case of a positive result.
• The safety of all our guests is our first priority. While we will not require a certificate of good health prior to traveling with us, some countries may in order to allow you in. With that in mind, we will need for all our guests to be part of this process, and re-consider traveling if they experience symptoms of flu, or not feeling well prior to traveling.
• With our new complimentary travel insurance in place, guests will be able to take advantage of such coverage (up to 2 days prior to departure) and not incur a monetary loss while protecting other guests from possible contagion.

In our touring vehicles and private transfers

• Our partners will be required to limit the number of guests transferred per vehicle to 4 in a mini-van and 2 in a sedan. At no cost to our guests, additional vehicles will be dispatched for our private transfers on curated journeys.
• All our vehicles will be fully sanitized as we take delivery and prior to our guests arrival. This will be done with our team’s supervision
• Twice a day, our vehicles will be cleaned by our team members
• On journeys of 7-12 guests, we will limit the capacity of our vehicles to 4 guests in the back and 1 in the front, adding the number of vehicles as needed

At our villas, select properties and on our ships

• We reserve the right to switch villas for larger ones, providing more common area space for the same number of guests as well as an extra room which could be utilized to isolate guests who may experience flu like symptoms, at their request of course.
• Prior to checking in, the properties (room and common areas) will receive additional cleaning time and sanitizing, supervised by our team members on site.
• For small boutique hotels, we will require a certificate showing the property has received adequate cleaning and sanitizing in line with the new covid19 regulations imposed by the destination countries. In addition, our teams on site will supervise additional sanitizing of the rooms assigned to guests prior to their arrival (bathroom towels, linens and all surfaces in the room)

On tours of larger towns/cities

• While all our walking guided tours during our curated journeys are private, and thus limited to our group, we will do our best to secure private visits, which may have to be after hours, of museums and sites that would normally host larger crowds. This will be at no additional costs to our guests
• When doable, and after consulting guests who have booked a curated journey, we will make changes to our itineraries to favor smaller towns and sites as opposed to larger ones.
• On curated journeys where tasting lunches or dinners have been included at select restaurants, we will request a private space as well as supervise the proper sanitizing of the space dedicated to us.

During our journey

• When included in our journeys, guests planning on attending cooking classes will be asked to have their temperature checked first, and will need to comply with strict sanitizing procedure.
• We will ask each guests to kindly work with us in ensuring a safe environment to all. Guests who may experience symptoms of flu or not feeling well will be asked to let their hosts know, so appropriate measures may be taken, including providing a medical opinion (at no cost to our guests).
• For each destination, Art In Voyage will secure a doctor “on call” and quickly available if needed.
• Our hosts, at the guests’ request, will have a chance to have their temperature taken. Our hosts will, twice a day, ensure theirs is taken and reported to our office.

It is important to understand that we may not always be able to provide a risk-free environment. In such cases, we will leave the decision up to the guests, and make arrangements to provide alternatives they may more comfortable with, again, at no cost to them.

We realize some of these measures may seem “a bit much”. It is important to us that you feel comfortable traveling with Art In Voyage, and know that we have taken every steps, even if these may feel excessive, to ensure your safety while traveling. Risk zero will not be achievable, whether we travel at home, or abroad. Yet, we are determined to get very close to it, and with your help, patience and partnership, we will.