Recovering from Covid-19, TOGETHER!

Recovering from Covid-19, TOGETHER!

As some of you are slowly planning the recovery, we want to help. We have designed this page to collect special offers you might want/need us to promote to our clientele, mostly US based. The US is currently going through a rough phase of the covid-19, but as it always does, it will rebound, and sooner than expected. While many countries may re-open their borders soon, people have been economically hurt. This means the flights may take off again, the money may not longer be there, or at least, not at the same level as it would have without covid-19.
There may also be some understandable reluctance in jumping on planes so soon. So please, think mid to long term. You may not see a lot of cancellations for the remainder of 2020, the goal is also to start filling the books for 2021, so you can have some visibility moving forward. And that means enticing potential clients with interesting offers for 2021.

The U.S economy was extremely strong before, and the fundamentals show that once covid-19 has passed, it will recover extremely quick. But quick could still be 6-12 months, if not 18.
In that spirit, we will be putting in place some ease of payments, working with banks to extend credits and provide clients with peace of mind so they can still do what they love: travel. On our partners' side, we hope they too can realize that while offering specials and discounts will leave do less revenues, the alternative is no revenue. At the same time, they may be passing an opportunity to have their property and services services talked about and thus promoted across the board. The more people travel to your property, or use your services, the more will hear about it.

For partners providing specials, we will also offer marketing support. This may take a few weeks to implement but we are already looking at ad spaces on social media and throughout search engines. While these marketing campaigns will require clients to book through us, these will still provide exposure for your brands and services.

Below, you will find space to submit TWO specials. Should you have more, please come back to this page after submitting the first two, and add new ones. There are no limits, yet, remember, less is more!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Hotels: Consider offering STAY 3, PAY 2 or 20-25% discounts on B&B. Complimentary meals or in-house credits for amenities provided by the property are always popular. We would recommend looking at FALL 2020 and SPRING/SUMMER 2021. Those of you with very low occupancy rates for months to come, consider FLASH SALES/FLASH OFFERS (limited time, big discounts) just to fill the space and get your staffers back in the mood.
  • Villas/Estates: Consider offering 20-25% discount on summer and fall rates for rentals of 7 days or longer. You may also want to include services that would normally be charged (daily clean, breakfasts, airport transfers, etc). If you had cancellations for certain weeks, and yet kept a penalty, consider lowering that week by that amount for a chance to fill it up.
  • Companies with several location: Consider offering combo discounts. STAY HERE 3 NIGHTS AND RECEIVE 20% OFF THERE!
  • Tour guides/Tour companies: Consider discounting your services by 20-30%. Let's get you back on the road

    On our end, we are working on creating packages, to include our services + accommodations + tours. So if you have worked with us before, providing accommodations or tours, consider working with us to create a small group tour with an attractive price. On our end, all our mark ups will be lowered to the very minimum to make packages as attractive as possible.

    We look forward to working with you so we can ALL recovery quickly and efficiently from what is truly a life changing events.

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    • Include rates if any, or discount %. The more details, the better
    • room type, max number of guests, any details that could help us ensure guests know what the conditions are.
    • Offer 2

    • Include rates if any, or discount %. The more details, the better
    • room type, max number of guests, any details that could help us ensure guests know what the conditions are.
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