About Art In Voyage
About Art In Voyage

About Art In Voyage

Who We Are

A boutique travel company with a mission of finding the travel utopia for each of our guests, Art in Voyage curates and creates dream journeys. We believe that traveling is like an art, and we design those artistic moments.

Understanding not only where you want to go, but why you want to go there and how you want to feel, is how we create travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Over and above the professionalism of the Art in Voyage team, we value our reputation of forming sincere friendships with our guests and the conviviality of our hosts.

Exceptional travel made exceptionally simple is what you deserve, and what we promise to deliver.

How We Came About

Our roots are deep in travel and hospitality. Founded in 2011 by CEO Mikael Audebert, Art In Voyage exists to make travel dreams come true.

A luxury-loving globetrotter by nature was also a professional travel planner, Mikael realized that there was an enormous market to be served among upscale travelers with changing needs and travel expectations. With certain expectations becoming more apparent, the Art in Voyage concept naturally started falling into place.

The idea was to create an alternative for travelers who were not satisfied with the rote, packaged, “same old, same old” tours and trips offered by most travel agencies. To provide personalized and professional travel guidance, followed by the implementation of authentic experiences. The type of experiences matching the wants, needs, and expectations of individuals and groups of like-minded guests wanting to enjoy travel together. In response, Art In Voyage was founded.

What We Do

The two most popular Art in Voyage offerings includes the curated journey and the exclusive journey.

Our tried-and-tested curated journeys are a collection of hidden gems that we’ve discovered over the years, meticulously designed for you to have a seamless and ‘un-googleable’ travel experience. We select the perfect times of the year for the specific destinations, keep group sizes limited, and provide a journey host and travel guide who are in touch with you throughout.

For our guests who have specific dates, budgets, activities, and destinations in mind, we create exclusive journeys with the perfect amount of flexibility, exclusivity, and imagination.

Whether it’s a curated or exclusive journey, a honeymoon, or any of the other travel experiences you’re picturing, Art in Voyage will exceed your expectations and make sure to tick-off your bucket-list!

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