Behind the scene
Mikael Audebert, Art In Voyage CEO
Mikael Audebert
Founder & CEO
Creative Director
Art in Voyage
Crystal Hochman
Business Development Director
Art in Voyage
Nicole Damons
Business Operations Manager
Prichard Mukombi, IT Manager
Prichard Mukombi
Software Engineering Manager
Art in Voyage
Chantal Van Der Merwe
Finance Manager
Nadine de Lange
Nadine de Lange
Travel Operations Manager
Wian West, Marketing Coordinator
Wian West
Head Marketing Coordinator
Art in Voyage
Laura Wewers
Partners & Suppliers Liaison
Art in Voyage
Gillian Bachmann
Travel Operations Specialist
Art in Voyage
Shane Benjamin
Travel Consultant
Art in Voyage
Megan Abrahams
Guest Ambassador
On the Ground