Casale San Silvestro

Todi, Italy

This an exceptional luxury villa, created for those with a discriminating taste wishing to experience the tradition of Umbria while enjoying the luxuries of a leading private property, has all the modern conveniences in a peaceful countryside setting. Spectacular views, tranquil sunsets and relaxed quality of life have inspired the owners who were enchanted by Umbria and the region of Todi.

The property is situated on a hilltop offering a panoramic view of the rolling hills and valleys of the surrounding countryside and to the Southwest the medieval hill town of Todi.
Construction of the original property dates back to the 15th century when it was built around a church. When the church was abandoned, the building was expanded into a casale (farmhouse). The original church walls and arches remain intact and form the ground floor living and dining areas. Today, the property includes a private chapel.
Each of the large rooms has a unique character, from the 16th-century master bathroom sink to the 18th-century bedroom doors and the 19th-century grand mantelpiece on the main floor, the attention to detail makes this property truly special. The exquisitely designed and welcoming interior is complemented by the beautiful grounds and exterior lighting. After sunset, the majestic lighting, accenting the cypress and olive trees, can be seen throughout the valley.

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