Estancia Cristina


This heritage property enjoys total and splendid isolation deep inside Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park. For an experience of estancia-style romance, though without stinting on mod cons, home comforts and gourmet food, you’ll struggle to find a more inspiring setting. The five bungalows have four rooms each, named after local flora and fauna. Wall art is a tasteful mix of nature prints and black and white photographs of landscapes and portraits of indigenous Patagonians. The bedrooms are well heated and carpeted, brightly illuminated and airy, with window seating and two comfy chairs placed to enjoy great views through the bay window. Furniture such as bedside cabinets and trunks is plain and rustic, by design.

Chef Francisco and his team prepare exquisite buffet lunches and à la carte dinners; typical dishes include pasta with lamb ragout, ribeye steaks, grilled trout and veggie quiches. A lamb barbecue is offered every other day, with lots of sides. Delicious salads, using leaves grown on site, are welcome if you’ve been overdoing the empanadas and meat elsewhere. Lunch and dinner are served in the octagon-shaped main house, where the mood hits the sweet point between casual and intimate/romantic once the sun goes down.

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