Goran Byakudan

Hakone, Japan

Nestled within the serene Hakone Gora mountains, the secluded Byakudan boasts 16 rooms, each adorned with open-air baths sourced from natural hot springs, set amidst a sprawling 12,000 square meters of deciduous forest. Embraced by the picturesque Hakone mountain range, Byakudan harmoniously merges Japanese craftsmanship with the bounties of nature, showcasing meticulous furnishings crafted by seasoned artisans specializing in contemporary Japanese design.
The property's therapeutic baths are supplied by a spring tower, emitting steam and brimming with golden-hued hot spring water enriched with healing minerals. These rejuvenating waters feed into every guest room's private open-air bath as well as the expansive communal baths, ensuring a direct connection to the source.
Culinary delights at Byakudan are a symphony of thoughtfully selected ingredients, with a focus on succulent seafood from Manazuru and Sagami Bay, as well as seasonal treasures from the Kanagawa mountains. This dedication translates into hours of meticulous preparation, culminating in a creatively authentic KAISEKI Cuisine, designed to tantalize your senses.
The property's moniker, Byakudan, pays homage to the elegant and fragrant sandalwood tree, renowned for its soothing aroma. Much like the noble attributes of sandalwood – from its calming effects to its immune-boosting and antibacterial properties – the resort aims to provide genuine hospitality while embodying these virtues, inviting you to experience the enchantment firsthand.

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Jin or Joh Room, Gora Byakudan Hakone