Lasala Plaza Hotel

San Sebastian, Spain

The sea in San Sebastián is not only blue. It changes from deep turquoise to lead grey. Our bay can change in a flash from almost tropical calm to the wildest of Atlantic squalls. And it’s there, facing a port dating back hundreds of years, that you’ll find the Lasala Plaza Hotel. A space where luxury doesn’t stop in the rooms.
Lasala Plaza aspires to be a hotel that embraces and highlights the best of Donostia-San Sebastián: its culture, its love of gastronomy and the sea, the art of knowing how to live, and, above all, its people.
A San Sebastián they want to share with their guests so that you too can live in the city like a real local.
Their iconic Premium Sea View rooms are located on the highest floors of the hotel. This great window to the sea is their best proposal for the visual delight of their natural landscape. Soar to the heights of their spectacular natural bay; elevated by the high bourgeoisie as the symbol of the Belle Époque Donostiarra.

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Premium Sea View | San Sebastian