Le Monumental Palace

Porto, Portugal

historically luxurious and predestined to remarkable travelers. You will discover that this luxury hotel in the heart of Porto, does not have monumental only as a name. The ancient and most renowned “café” of Porto since 1930, the Café Monumental, has become the hotel of choice for a high-end stay in Porto. Such as the locals do, you belong to history by staying at this 5-star hotel. It boasts 63 rooms and 13 suites with spacious intimacy. There, dive into ancient books at their library, share good moments next to the fireplace, sit at your exceptional gastronomic table or escape into their well-being space.
At Le Monumental Palace, you will be surrounded and pampered by their prestigious partners. In the heart of Porto, everything is done to make you enjoy an exceptional stay. Whether in the kitchen with their starred chef or at their Nuxe spa, an unforgettable journey of all senses awaits you.

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