Maitai hotel

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The lovely 3 stars Maitai Polynesia hotel is found on the main island of Bora Bora near the beautiful Matira Point, offering convenient access to the shops and restaurants around Vaitape. This boutique hotel is located beachside and hillside, with a small road separating the main building from the shore. The hotel rooms ascend the mountain, giving the upper units a spectacular lagoon view. Across the way is the beach and overwater bungalows, which offer shoreline access and incredible views of the lagoon and beyond.
To best accompany the hotel's unique layout, Maitai Polynesia features both a hillside and beachside bar and restaurant. The garden-based Haere Mai serves a combination of French and Polynesian fare with live entertainment once a week, while the Manuia Bar (which means "cheers" in Tahitian) is the ideal place to lounge and enjoy an exotic cocktail near the main lobby. The beachside Tama'a Maitai, acting as both the bar and restaurant on the lagoon's edge, serves Polynesian and seafood dishes.

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