Namiri Plains

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The vast and remote plains of the central Serengeti are best known for being home to what has been dubbed ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’: the Great Migration. Namiri Plains camp is right in the middle of it all. Here you will find themselves staying in a part of the Serengeti famed as the place where the big cats roam. Located in the remote Soit Le Motonyi region of the central Serengeti with your closest neighbor at least 45 minutes away, this area had previously been closed off for cheetah researchers and as such this remote corner of the Serengeti is one of the last truly wild places left in Africa.

This vast expanse of African wilderness roars to life in the rainy season when some of the highest concentrations of hyena on the continent are known to move into the area. Hordes of wildebeest blacken the golden landscape, interspersed by pockets of zebra and other ungulates between October and May. While the great migration is undoubtedly a great drawcard, the Serengeti is truly a year-round safari destination. Activities here include walking safaris, game drives, and talks with local researchers.

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