Patagonia Camp

Torres Del Paine, Chile

From the very beginning, Patagonia Camp has been developed based on sustainable principles, their belief in helping protect our planet, and their utmost care and commitment for Patagonia. It was built using the most eco-friendly methods, all while being the most respectful that we can be for our native environment.

Patagonia Camp was created so that each of the guests can feel and enjoy the wonderful nature of Patagonia from the comfort of their own private room. Their yurts (tents) provide guests a unique experience to be able to have an intimate contact with nature – the magical sounds of the wind blowing, rain falling and being able to see the stars all from the central dome of your private yurt. Their concept allows guests to experience one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes right from your windows alongside being surrounded by an incredible and aromatic native forest where our walkways and viewing platforms are located.

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