Pikaia Lodge

Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

Located on the island of Santa Cruz, the Pikaia Lodge is perfectly situated to offer guests a remarkable vantage point of the surrounding natural habitat. Designed to be environmentally conscious at all levels, this spacious and serene space sits in the middle of a private, giant tortoise reserve.

This 31-hectare property is perched on the edge of an extinct, volcanic crater some 450 meters above sea level. This distinctive location creates a microclimate of its very own; warm and sunny with crisp gentle winds all year around.

Well-appointed rooms await with exquisite views of the surrounding reserve. With a small number of guest rooms, this eco-lodge guarantees a level service not found anywhere else on the island. Pikaia Lodge includes an explorations program that consists of guided adventures that cover the distinct landscapes and wildlife found on the island. Programs include hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, visiting beaches, volcanic craters, or lava tunnels; looking for giant tortoises and endemic wildlife; visiting the Charles Darwin Scientific Research Center or visiting organic coffee farms in the highlands. It boasts an onsite restaurant, infinity pool, and world-class spa. After cruising the Galapagos, you can take a few days to relax and explore the island of Santa Cruz or simply sit poolside with a cocktail and take in the scenery, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Giant Tortoises that call this area home.

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