Regent Petite France Hotel & Spa

Strasbourg, France

This 17th century former mill used to house the Glacières de Strasbourg, where blocks of ice were produced for shops, breweries and private households all over the region. Production fell as refrigerators became commonplace and finally ended in 1989. That was when Mr Jean-Maurice Scharf, the current owner, acquired the buildings and converted them into what is today The Regent Petite France. The property offers its guests an outstanding experience in a setting that perfectly combines history and modernity. The property is located in the heart of the Petite France. This is the most picturesque part of Strasbourg. Fishermen, millers and tanners once lived and worked in this neighborhood built on the water. The magnificent half-timbered houses date from the 16th and 17th centuries. Their sloping roofs open onto attics where skins used to be dried.

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