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Something happens at this time of year all across Europe, especially in Germany. Pretty little stalls huddle together, filled with glistening decorations, handmade figurines, and local produce. The sounds of children’s laughter, sleigh bells, and choir singers fill the night air while mouth-watering aromas of sizzling bratwurst, gingerbread, and toasted almond waft through the stalls. For centuries, Christmas markets brought cheer to weary villagers and added a touch of light and color to the long winter nights.

“Are we there yet?”
This time, they can ask as often as they want, it won’t really matter, for you will not want these road trips to end!  Germany, known for its famous autobahns, is a fun and wonderful country to drive around. The country boasts eons of history, unbelievable landscapes, and a wide variety of outdoor activities, handy when the time comes to stretch your legs. Here are some of our favorite ones. Alle Einsteigen!

Who doesn’t like the idea of a deserted paradise island that has lesser crowds, not having to fight for a spot at the beach. Art In Voyage brings you its favorite secrets islands of Europe, not as well known or spoken of. One of these island, Port Cros Island, notorious for its palm trees and protected marine life, is the birthplace of our own founder and CEO, Mikael Audebert.

Travel restrictions and guidelines are changing slightly across the world, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, some states in the US  have reopened to the US citizens only. We listed a few inspirational trip ideas for you to plan ahead your next trip near home. Crisp, cool weather and brightly colored foliage make fall the perfect time to travel. Whether you head to the mountains to spot the changing leaves or flock to sunny shores to soak up a few more days on the beach before winter sets in, we’ve rounded up the best fall vacations for travelers. Cooler temperatures and fewer tourists make destinations like New York City and Maui ideal for fall getaways, and outdoor adventures await near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Flagstaff, Arizona, where you’ll be just a short drive from some of the countries best national parks.

On the lookout to find places around the world that will give you peace of mind? In the wake of disruption, we definitely seek stillness! Getting outside, far away from the hustling and bustling in the big cities, and disconnecting from the news, emails, and texts can do wonders for your mental health. Always remember places that make a moment last longer cultivate a sense of peace, and for a lot of people, nature is their spirituality. Now, Art In Voyage has put together a list of serene “and seriously stunning” spots around the globe that may help you find clarity and inspiration. We aimed to dig up mostly lesser-known landscapes and under-appreciated parks, plus a few wellness and yoga retreats around the world.


For many years, Scotland has produced some of the finest whiskeys the world has ever seen. A country that is immensely proud of this. This Blog will explain all the reasons as to why they should be proud of it. From highlighting the origin of whiskey to its history, its many forms and flavors, you will learn all about the whiskeys that Scotland has to offer. It is not just about the whiskey, it is about the tradition behind it:  The breathtaking views, the culture, the accents, the tall tales, the humor. We could go on and on but how about we just start with the whiskey, so, when you do decide to visit Scotland with Art In Voyage, you can showcase our knowledge of this incredible spirit.


Cypress alleys, patchwork fields, and crumbling castellos. Everyone can picture Tuscany, but it is not always easy to capture the ferocity of endless waves of green, or the class of ancient stone streets. Here are the enchanting places to visit in Tuscany and areas where you can take effortless pictures that will last you a lifetime of memories.

Thinking about visiting Europe this Summer? As the European Union is gradually reopening its borders, why not opt for smaller, less crowded destinations? Since the transmission of covid-19 is still of a concern to many travelers, Art In Voyage brings you smaller, yet equally incredible destinations to avoid crowds while enjoying some similarly exciting experiences.

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