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Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon from the comfort of your own country – the USA. Whether you are seeking adventure, deluxe romance, or sheer opulence, all couples share the common goal of wanting an unforgettable time in the perfect location. Make your dreams a spectacular reality by allowing us to introduce to you some of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. This blog dives into an awesome variety of destinations that will pique the interest of both newlyweds.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is always the perfect excuse to plan a romantic escape, but who said romance needs any excuse? Whether it’s an anniversary, a honeymoon, or just a spontaneous surprise getaway for bae, find your inspiration below. Read on to discover our favorite destinations in the southern hemisphere that you won’t find on any standard list of romantic escapes!

Whether it’s a honeymoon, proposal, Valentine’s getaway, or just a surprise trip for two, romantic getaways have a magical way of strengthening any relationship. For many of us, however, we think of romantic getaways as just a quick weekend excursion to somewhere nearby…but perhaps it’s time to start planning a little more creatively?

To inspire your next romantic break, we’ve compiled a list of some of our all-time favorite northern hemisphere destinations for a romantic getaway.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a celebration that can be stressful and it can easily come across as cheesy, but it also has the potential to reignite the romance and boost a relationship. Forget the cliche gifts and surprise your partner with the gift of travel this year. While the day itself falls on the 14th of February, that doesn’t mean that your romantic gesture should be limited to just that day. Why not spend a few days away with your Valentine and embark on new adventures and experiences that take your mind off the mundane?


So, without further ado – here is our list of Valentine’s Day destinations in the USA that make for the perfect romantic getaway.

If you are searching for a list of all-inclusive luxury properties, then look no further – as this blog tells all. Not only are the following properties five-star, but they also include an array of heavenly surprises!

From cruising the Zambezi in Zambia to being pampered in style in Chile and from spotting lion and rhino in Botswana to delicious meals served by a renowned chef in Vermont, contentment is the end goal.

COVID-19 travel seems impossible to so many of us… Is it safe? Can we get flights? Will we have to jump through hoops?

Well, our mission at Art In Voyage is to make sure that our guests get the best of everything, and that means that we need to vet each of our destinations ourselves to make sure that they are indeed up to scratch. So, with the world in a spin, our CEO packed up and left a sunny Cape Town for a trip around the world!

And he LOVED it… So here is what he has to say about COVID-19 travel!

After what has been a tumultuous year for most, Art In Voyage continues to look to the future and is thrilled to announce the launch of the Magellan Odyssey World Tour, departing in November 2022!

In celebration of Art In Voyage’s 10th Anniversary, guests will visit 10 destinations on 5 continents during the Magellan Odyssey. Providing the ultimate in luxury and style is at the heart of this World Tour, with each guest catered to their own specific needs and wishes. From transport aboard a private jet to five-star accommodation throughout – the Magellan Odyssey is the opportunity to experience the best the world has to offer!

As we see the end of the year approaching, many of us have just one thing on our minds – going on vacation! If you’re like us and thinking about where the best places to travel in December are, the best vacation spots, and warm places to visit in December, or perhaps even cozy vacation ideas, take a look below to see what our travel advisors suggested as the best places to travel in December 2020, or the future.



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