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Many can agree that there are very few things quite as rejuvenating as fully immersing yourself in nature, and large bodies of water offer some of the most scenic vacation spots worldwide. From lakes and bays to seas and beaches, there is something quite pleasing as relaxing close to the water’s edge. But with so many beautiful destinations to choose from, we’ve helped you narrow down some of the most scenic waters imaginable to consider when planning your next getaway.

Although it is still difficult to predict how travel will be affected in the coming months, there is compelling evidence to suggest that we all need something to look forward to and there is certainly no need to put your 2022 travel plans on hold.

Since the advent of COVID, travel has become something to be feared or put on hold for one day in the distant future. However, with the introduction of the vaccine, travel has started to return, with many countries removing the need to self-isolate and reducing the amount of testing required.


Whilst restrictions remain, tourism must resume if only for the economic benefits that many communities actively rely upon. If this is not motivation enough, psychologists report that the anticipation of a holiday is almost as good as the holiday itself, which is a strong argument for why we should all be planning our next vacation, despite the current circumstances.



In 1519, Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Spain with a fleet of five ships to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. His journey was daring and ambitious, taking almost three years to return to port. En route, he discovered the “Strait of Magellan” and became the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean. His explorations are historically significant and proved that the world was not only much larger than we had previously imagined but also that it could be circumnavigated by sea.

Magellan’s expedition inspired our own world Odyssey and in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we have curated a journey that is a modern interpretation of this original voyage of discovery.

Named for this intrepid explorer, the Magellan Odyssey is Art in Voyage’s homage to travel, and we are excited to announce that we have confirmed our departure for 2022! Designed with top-class experiences in mind, this once-in-a-lifetime travel event will introduce guests to a world of new adventures spanning 5 continents and 10 countries over 28 days.

Africa is a continent full of contrasts. As a land teeming with wildlife, Africa also has over 300 national parks situated everywhere from the ancient deserts to the lush rainforests and dry savannahs. Visitors to the continent are spoilt for choice and with such an endless list of places to explore, we have narrowed down a “Top 10” list of the national parks that you should add to your travel itinerary.

The desire to travel is something that is deeply ingrained into our human nature, and as the world has evolved, so has our options for travel. We have become accustomed to traveling in groups and ‘seeing’ places that ‘everyone’ wants to see, usually under time constraints. How often do you feel like you need a holiday after having a holiday? You deserve to go where you want, when you want, at your own pace. Below, we have listed some of our most recommended destinations for solo travel – we hope these ignite your inner wanderlust!

The ethereal archipelago, comprising of more than 300 ethnicities, 17 000 islands, and an abundance of beautiful landscapes, awaits your discovery! In this blog, we delve into some of the most majestic destinations in Indonesia. Envisage towering mountains that are covered in lush greenery and brilliant temples shrouded in history. We warmly welcome you to Indonesia!

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon from the comfort of your own country – the USA. Whether you are seeking adventure, deluxe romance, or sheer opulence, all couples share the common goal of wanting an unforgettable time in the perfect location. Make your dreams a spectacular reality by allowing us to introduce to you some of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. This blog dives into an awesome variety of destinations that will pique the interest of both newlyweds.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is always the perfect excuse to plan a romantic escape, but who said romance needs any excuse? Whether it’s an anniversary, a honeymoon, or just a spontaneous surprise getaway for bae, find your inspiration below. Read on to discover our favorite destinations in the southern hemisphere that you won’t find on any standard list of romantic escapes!

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