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Art In Voyage invites you to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style. Embark on our 28-day Magellan Odyssey World Tour and discover the world as few have had a chance to do before. Departing from the U.S. in March 2023, just 48 guests will board our fully-privatized, executive plane for the ultimate around-the-world odyssey in the air and on the ground. Experience insider access to 10 of the world's most bucket-list-worthy destinations across 5 continents while embracing a jet-setter lifestyle t

COVID-19 travel seems impossible to so many of us... Is it safe? Can we get flights? Will we have to jump through hoops? Well, our mission at Art In Voyage is to make sure that our guests get the best of everything, and that means that we need to vet each of our destinations ourselves to make sure that they are indeed up to scratch. So, with the world in a spin, our CEO packed up and left a sunny Cape Town for a trip around the world!

As we see the end of the year approaching, many of us have just one thing on our minds - going on vacation! If you're like us and thinking about where the best places to travel in December are, the best vacation spots, and warm places to visit in December, or perhaps even cozy vacation ideas, take a look below to see what our travel advisors suggested as the best places to travel in December 2020, or the future

At a first glance, Japan may seem contemporary and although it is a well-developed and modern nation, upon closer inspection you will find cultural nuances appearing around each ornate corner. Marginal outside influences, with a history of isolation, has created an array of distinct traditions. Japan offers an abundance of eccentric pursuits and a unique exploration experience

Ignite your sense of wanderlust with Croatia, where you are bound to make many new and wonderful memories. Explore the Adriatic Sea while onboard a luxury yacht, indulge in authentic cuisine, and become immersed in the abundant cultural heritage the gorgeous region offers. Read on to discover more highlights and delights of Croatia Housing one of the world’s oldest national parks, a bustling harbor in Rovinj, and a beautiful picturesque island like Mali Losinj, Croatia is just waiting for you.

It is a special time of year in Europe, particularly in Germany, where you will find ornate stalls brimming with delights. Envisage glistening decorations, handcrafted figurines, and produce that is locally sourced. A feast for the senses, the sound of gleeful laughter and choir ensembles accompanied by the scent of gingerbread and toasted almonds will ignite nostalgia. Take a magical step back in time, as you wander through the Christmas markets, that have lit long winter nights for centuries

For many years, Scotland has produced some of the finest whiskeys the world has seen - a country that is immensely proud of this achievement. In this blog, we explain some of the reasons behind the pride, from highlighting the origins of whiskey to its history and many forms and flavors. It is not, after all, only about whiskey, it is also about the traditions behind it. The breathtaking views, culture, accents, tall tales and humor, all add to the lengthy list of amazing quirks.

Cypress alleys, patchwork fields, and crumbling Castello's. Everyone can picture Tuscany , but it is not always easy to capture the endless waves of green or the class of the ancient stone streets. Here are the enchanting places to visit in Tuscany and areas where you can take effortless pictures that will provide you with a lifetime of priceless memories, along with great stories to tell when returning home.

Thinking about visiting Europe this Summer? As the European Union is gradually reopening its borders, why not opt for smaller, less crowded destinations? Since the transmission of covid-19 is still of concern to many travelers, Art In Voyage brings you smaller, yet equally incredible European destinations that avoid crowds while offering exciting experiences. From the whitewashed buildings that spill down the hillside of Santorini, to the world-renowned beaches of Cornwell, situated in the sout

For a quaint, yet riveting escape, visit Cotswolds villages in the UK, a destination at the top of our list! Envisage ancient cottages lining picturesque streets and a brilliant array of centuries-old churches and pubs. These Cotswolds villages also offer a variety of boutique hotels that are renowned for their high standards. Wander through the pretty villages, enjoy a pint at a local pub, or an indulgent spa treatment.

Due to the current global situation, travel restrictions and borders remain closed in most countries. Traveling may be complicated right now, but Art In Voyage is here to inspire you and keep you dreaming. We hope our inspirational trip ideas help you plan in advance for your next adventure! Around the world, millions of tourists flock to famous castles and ancient architectural structures. The question is – what makes them return year after year?

Although Ireland is a small country, it is brimming with exciting and new pursuits. From its youthful and fast-moving society to its intriguing art, literature and music scene, there are a plethora of pastimes to discover. Peppered with historic landmarks, Ireland’s elegant streets, steeped in history, will leave you mesmerized. The towering Cliffs of Moher are a spectacle to behold, while the Connemara wilderness is known to be mystical and hauntingly beautiful.

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