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Cypress alleys, patchwork fields, and crumbling Castello's. Everyone can picture Tuscany , but it is not always easy to capture the endless waves of green or the class of the ancient stone streets. Here are the enchanting places to visit in Tuscany and areas where you can take effortless pictures that will provide you with a lifetime of priceless memories, along with great stories to tell when returning home.

Envisage discovering and exploring the spectacular biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands! Art in Voyage brings you an essential experience of the ethereal sensation. Situated in the Pacific Ocean and included as a part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are remarkable in beauty and authenticity. In this blog, we talk about the diversity of various destinations, including Quito, Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, Espanol Island, Sante Fe Island, Baltra Island, and South Plaza Island.

For a quaint, yet riveting escape, visit Cotswolds villages in the UK, a destination at the top of our list! Envisage ancient cottages lining picturesque streets and a brilliant array of centuries-old churches and pubs. These Cotswolds villages also offer a variety of boutique hotels that are renowned for their high standards. Wander through the pretty villages, enjoy a pint at a local pub, or an indulgent spa treatment.

From capturing some of Michael Jordan’s career highlights to being blessed by Pope John Paul II whilst assigned to a photo position, Photojournalist Gary Bogdon has a rich collection of memories and life lessons to share with us. With Gary’s incredible experience and knowledge, having our Photographic Journeys hosted by him is an honor for us and a delight for our guests with a passion for photography. We hope you enjoy today’s Q&A with Photojournalist Gary Bogdon!

Exploring the underrated splendors of Kolkata, including some of the busiest streets located in East India, is making sure you understand and pay homage to its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, history and countless cultural festivals. Formerly known as Calcutta, It is called the “CITY OF JOY” because of the food, festivals and hospitality that can never leave you disheartened. Kolkata was India’s first truly cosmopolitan city and it remains a living encyclopedia of lost worlds.

From futuristic cities to ancient traditions, Asia is fast becoming one of the most sought-after travel destinations. Delving into local authentic experiences to get a real feel and understanding of a region is becoming more of a priority for today’s discerning traveler, as well as experiences that allow for personal transformation and growth, makes Asia such an up and coming continent to explore. We here Art In Voyage understand that travel is evolving, and we’re embracing it with open arms.