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While people were confined to their homes during the pandemic, the ozone layer saw a dramatic change, leading people to ask, “how can we play our part better”? This has led to the Sustainable travel movement that sees travelers being more mindful with their travel decisions, choosing more sustainable destinations. Join us as we take a look at some of our top picks for your next sustainable travel adventure.

Traveling can change someone’s life, firstly, by being exposed to a new environment and a new travel destination that you have never set your foot on before. Your mind can entirely open-up from such experiences. Before the Pandemic- coronavirus, the world had it hard still. From the Sri Lankan attacks, the Amazon burning, riots in Hong Kong, Venice flooding fires in Australia. Art in Voyage is all about support to other small businesses.

At Art In Voyage, we always challenge properties we feature to be more eco-friendly, and, when doable, we select partners that have achieved a neutral carbon footprint. While there is a long way to go to ensure that luxury and comfort requirements demanded by many guests are available with minimal to neutral footprint, these fine properties are among some of our favorites, both for their achievement in sustainability and the unique experiences they offer.

As we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this week, a lot of thought-provoking questions and topics have been circulating. We couldn’t think of anyone better to help make sense of the current and future state of our planet, than Environmental Consultant, Gunnar Oberhoesel. Thank you Gunnar for the refreshing take on where our planet is heading and for reminding us that change takes time, so we might as well enjoy the journey!