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In an era where time is luxury, Art In Voyage encourages travelers to consider a luxury train experience. Seeing a destination by rail offers travelers a unique perspective as they are given the chance to experience true luxury travel, with an ever-changing landscape. Whether you are planning to explore the Andes Mountains, or zip through the Russian countryside, luxury train travel proves that seeing a country by ground is a lot more interesting than a fly-by country experience.

Whilst travelers have always had the world at their fingertips, travel companies are tailoring their packages to be increasingly more targeted to specific themes and/or types of travelers and less focused on the destination as the main selling point. Now, travelers can choose between options of a wellness tour where relaxation and rejuvenation is key, or an adventure tour, where thrill-seeking and exploration take first preference.

While people were confined to their homes during the pandemic, the ozone layer saw a dramatic change, leading people to ask, “how can we play our part better”? This has led to the Sustainable travel movement that sees travelers being more mindful with their travel decisions, choosing more sustainable destinations. Join us as we take a look at some of our top picks for your next sustainable travel adventure.

Art In Voyage invites you to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style. Embark on our 28-day Magellan Odyssey World Tour and discover the world as few have had a chance to do before. Departing from the U.S. in March 2023, just 48 guests will board our fully-privatized, executive plane for the ultimate around-the-world odyssey in the air and on the ground. Experience insider access to 10 of the world's most bucket-list-worthy destinations across 5 continents while embracing a jet-setter lifestyle t

COVID-19 travel seems impossible to so many of us... Is it safe? Can we get flights? Will we have to jump through hoops? Well, our mission at Art In Voyage is to make sure that our guests get the best of everything, and that means that we need to vet each of our destinations ourselves to make sure that they are indeed up to scratch. So, with the world in a spin, our CEO packed up and left a sunny Cape Town for a trip around the world!

As we see the end of the year approaching, many of us have just one thing on our minds - going on vacation! If you're like us and thinking about where the best places to travel in December are, the best vacation spots, and warm places to visit in December, or perhaps even cozy vacation ideas, take a look below to see what our travel advisors suggested as the best places to travel in December 2020, or the future

At a first glance, Japan may seem contemporary and although it is a well-developed and modern nation, upon closer inspection you will find cultural nuances appearing around each ornate corner. Marginal outside influences, with a history of isolation, has created an array of distinct traditions. Japan offers an abundance of eccentric pursuits and a unique exploration experience

For many years, Scotland has produced some of the finest whiskeys the world has seen - a country that is immensely proud of this achievement. In this blog, we explain some of the reasons behind the pride, from highlighting the origins of whiskey to its history and many forms and flavors. It is not, after all, only about whiskey, it is also about the traditions behind it. The breathtaking views, culture, accents, tall tales and humor, all add to the lengthy list of amazing quirks.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to travel to Europe and abroad during the current Covid-19 pandemic, today’s Q&A with Art In Voyage guest, Brian King, is just for you. While travel from the U.S. to Europe is restricted, flights to Croatia are available and U.S. citizens are being warmly welcomed to this European destination. Here is what Brian had to say about COVID-19 travel! Asking a professional always helps for a smoother trip.

“We are all in this together” has been a phrase that every one of us has heard and seen repeatedly this year. That phrase applies to so many areas of our current lives, including changes in communication with our family and friends, coping with stress, and staying patient. Today we are featuring a dear member of our Art in Voyage family, Karen Brandell. Karen has been developing and performing training sessions, workshops and retreats for over 30 years.

Well, the psychological benefits of being in the wilderness directly transfer to positive evolution in one's everyday life. When we are removed from the subtle (and not so subtle) distractions of the 21st century, our nervous system starts to calm down and we can settle into some of our deepest inspirations. As our nervous system feels totally relaxed and safe, an overwhelmingly natural sense of peace and place occurs, allowing for new neural pathways to form.

From capturing some of Michael Jordan’s career highlights to being blessed by Pope John Paul II whilst assigned to a photo position, Photojournalist Gary Bogdon has a rich collection of memories and life lessons to share with us. With Gary’s incredible experience and knowledge, having our Photographic Journeys hosted by him is an honor for us and a delight for our guests with a passion for photography. We hope you enjoy today’s Q&A with Photojournalist Gary Bogdon!

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