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The year of Wellness Travel has arrived and its time to start realigning ourselves once again after making it through 2 of the harshest years in recent history. Join us as we look at some of the top luxury wellness resorts across the world that look to heal and better their guests through different styles of yoga that are taught through various classes, massage therapy, and other spa treatments.

Many can agree that there are very few things quite as rejuvenating as fully immersing yourself in nature, and large bodies of water offer some of the most scenic vacation spots worldwide. From lakes and bays to seas and beaches, there is something quite pleasing as relaxing close to the water’s edge. But with so many beautiful destinations to choose from, we’ve helped you narrow down some of the most scenic waters imaginable to consider when planning your next getaway

Who doesn't like the idea of a deserted paradise island with fewer crowds and more freedom? The Art In Voyage Team has compiled this list of our personal favorite "secret" Islands of Europe that many have never heard of or considered visiting. One of these islands, Port Cros Island, notorious for its palm trees and protected marine life, is the birthplace of Art In Voyage Founder and CEO, Mikael Audebert. Join us as we explore one of our favorite destinations.

This is a list of fall foliage ideas made to inspire those traveling around the United States at this golden time of year. The crisp air and landscapes peppered with florescent foliage, make the dreamy season a truly special time to go on an adventure. Whether you are traversing a mountain or frolicking on a beach, soaking up the last majestic rays of sunshine before winter sets in is imperative!

Searching for places around the world that will give you peace of mind? If you are seeking stillness, look no further than our list of unique and hidden gems that will ignite serenity. At Art in Voyage, we believe that disconnecting from the hustle and bustle can do wonders for your mental health. Join us as we uncover some of the lesser-known but stunning wellness and yoga retreats and places to restore a sense of calm across the globe

Iceland's most beautiful natural wonders, especially for your enjoyment! Boasting world-renowned beauty, exquisite natural diversity abounds. Envisage wild horses running through the majestic Porskmork nature reserve, booming waterfalls, the ethereal Northern Lights, and hot spring geysers that shoot boiling water up to 40 meters into the air!

Art In Voyage knows that traveling comes with its pros and cons. One of the latter includes other people, often, in large masses! Today, we bring you 9 of the top remote locations in the world for you to consider when seeking complete isolation from the everyday hustle and bustle. We transport you to luxury desert camps, hard to reach peninsulas and islands to escape to. Some are not easily accessible, but the adventure is worth it!

While soft-sand beaches and lowland jungles may be the first images that leap to mind when you imagine Sri Lanka, this tropical isle is endowed with a mountainous interior that is every bit as scenic as the coast, blessed by pleasantly cool temperatures that rarely tip 21ºC. Join Art In Voyage in discovering the home to a striking colorful scenery, one of the most stunning train rides in the world.

Bhutan is a global pioneer, the first nation of the world to systematically measure its success not by the strength of its economy but by the happiness of its people. Such a unique approach befits a country unlike any other – a wild, spiritual, and majestic mountain kingdom where tranquility reigns and everything is off the beaten track.

Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia, is a true travel gem as well as an ideal destination to engage in meaningful cultural experiences. Offering an array of tropical landscapes, from beaches, jungles and towering mountains, to historic monuments and bustling city life, Vietnam has it all. In this blog, we outline 7 must-see destinations in Vietnam for excitable first-timers! Filled with beauty, spectacular views and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

A group of countries and dependencies in the Western hemisphere is often referred to as “Latin America”. Its joyful mellowness, its brightly colored cities, and the sheer beauty of its wide-open spaces are the main attractions of this post-colonial continent. It is Latin because of the most predominant spoken languages are Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Here, we will uncover the deliciousness of the following countries in Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, etc...

Explore the hidden gems of the United Arabic Emirates, more commonly referred to as the UAE. This country is notorious for its most phenomenal city, Dubai, and its unique infrastructures and skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa (standing at an impressive 828 meters tall). Not to mention the UAE’s second most populous city, Abu – Dhabi, which is home to more than 200 incredible islands. Yet, very rarely do we associate the UAE with its incredible outdoors and nature reserves.

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