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Looking for a unique stylish stay, good food, good wine, History, Culture, Natural beauty, and beaches? Then you don’t have to look any further than the “top ten hotels in Puglia” list Art In Voyage is bringing you. This robustly rustic land is difficult to beat with its fertile red earth, gnarled olives, turquoise seas, beautiful trulli, and pioneering Masseria hotels. Let us help you enjoy a unique stay in the southern Italian region.

Art In Voyage brings you its favorite Aman properties, selecting only some of its unique and breath-taking locations, soon to be offered on some of our journeys. Explore the uniqueness of each one and discover some of our favorite activities at and around. Aman destinations are renowned for space, seclusion and unsurpassed beauty. Infused with tranquility, Aman resorts offer a host of unparalleled opportunities for private exploration, personal discovery, and reinvigorating wellness immersions.

At Art In Voyage, we always challenge properties we feature to be more eco-friendly, and, when doable, we select partners that have achieved a neutral carbon footprint. While there is a long way to go to ensure that luxury and comfort requirements demanded by many guests are available with minimal to neutral footprint, these fine properties are among some of our favorites, both for their achievement in sustainability and the unique experiences they offer.