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For many years, Scotland has produced some of the finest whiskeys the world has seen - a country that is immensely proud of this achievement. In this blog, we explain some of the reasons behind the pride, from highlighting the origins of whiskey to its history and many forms and flavors. It is not, after all, only about whiskey, it is also about the traditions behind it. The breathtaking views, culture, accents, tall tales and humor, all add to the lengthy list of amazing quirks.

‘Food’ and ‘Wine’ – two of our favorite words. And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to love today’s Q&A! We’re doing things slightly differently and featuring not just one mastermind, but two, very talented professionals who share our passion for food and wine. Meet the Wine Fairy, Katie Barratt, and Private Chef, Preeti Bardolia, who will be sharing their perspective on the Covid-19 situation and beyond. Some call this insider information.

Discover terraced vines and spindly olive trees form a patchwork quilt over gently rolling hills, which are themselves covered by a maze of powdery dirt roads. Follow one of these bumpy paths far enough and you’ll find an olive oil mill, a farm-to-table restaurant and a hilltop winery. In fact, if you squint a bit, this place could pass for the famed Italian wine region of Tuscany – that is, if you can overlook the wild capybaras.