business class flight pooling

As many of us are taking this time to plan 2021, we are also looking at ways to re-assure our guests. In doing so, we have identified a need and want from travelers to fly more privately. From being allowed to check-in with cocktails in hands in a separate area of the airport to having a limited number of travelers on their flights, these are perks that many travelers have been expressing interest in as borders re-open. Then, there is the "private jet" component that is a once of a lifetime dream for many.

That said, chartering a plane is not an easy task, and filling it up to ensure fair and competitive pricing even less. Art In Voyage is committed to studying the need and wants of travel agencies and tour operators so we may start pulling our resources to offer limited service from the US to select destinations in Europe and S. America (as a start). Our planes come in 70 and 90 seat configurations, all business class. Should the evaluation be successful, we would be handling logistics and execution. This is not a for-profit venture. Rather, a mission of cooperation to bring all of us, with similar products and destinations, together, in the spirit of enhancing all of our respective guests' experience.

We thank you in advance for participating in this evaluation, and hope its success leads to launching an offer that will "WOW"" all our guests.