Evan's top destinations

Bali, Indonesia

Kruger, South Africa


Evan Scheepers

Journey Host, Wellness Specialist

South African born, Evan is our Wellness and Fitness Director. Self accomplished and running a successful fitness business in Cape Town, he is an avid boxer and runner, as well as musician. His approach to fitness is unique and personal. With Evan, what you see is what you get and result is as important as the happiness fitness and wellness procures his clients at many other levels. Trained and educated to customized each program to match his clients profile and abilities, his kindness and patience is why Evan is part of the team today. Building a fun and enjoyable wellness program for our guests is what is was entrusted to do, with great success.


His Top 3 destinations:

  • His home of South Africa: There is no doubt I am proud of my country and its unique diversity, as much in its scenery as in its people. Paarl is home, but take me hiking to the Karoo or Blyde Canyon and I am all set!
  • Indonesia: I discovered Indonesia with Art In Voyage in 2018, and fell in love with a mindset and attitude towards life that very much reminds me of South Africa. Lekker!

His Favorite activities:

Boxing, running, surfing, and since Indonesia, enjoying Yoga very much, which I incorporate in my programs. Spending time with my loved one, either wine tasting or listening to some great live music at one of Cape Town's finest.

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