Mikael Audebert

Founder & CEO

Frenchman Mikael Audebert, has been in the business of making dreams come true for hundreds of travelers since 2000. Born with the “itch” to travel and owner of vast experience in the travel industry, he has extensively explored the four corners of the earth and continues to do so several times a year, as leader of our Escorted Voyages Division.

Mikael moved to the U.S in 1992 to pursue a career in tourism. From the very beginning, he saw the end of the traditional travel agency coming and quickly developed a customized approach to more individually-tailored, travel planning and travel management for his clients. As a result, Mikael and Art In Voyage have received impressive recognition for professional excellence, including being named to the Orlando Business Journal’s “40 under 40”, Watermark Media's “Most Remarkable Person of the Year” for 2013, the Orlando Business Journal's 2012 list of “Businessmen to Watch” and has received numerous awards for his charity work in the Orlando., Florida marketplace.

And, when we say that we don’t send you anywhere that we haven’t been, we aren’t kidding! Mikael is so committed to vetting guest’ interests before booking them, he even personally checked out the paragliding launch pad at Six Senses' Zighy Bay in Oman. The view is one of peace, quiet and absolute beauty and the thrill is running toward the cliff for a 10-minute flight. It’s now his favorite spot, too!

When Mikael is not traveling the world, or creating new journeys, he flies his plane over the Western Cape.

Mikael's top destinations

South Africa

There is no describing the beauty of South Africa without including the kindness of its people, the extraordinary culinary experiences, the exceptional wine and the 150+ National Parks, each offering a little bit for everyone.

Provence (France)

How can one not be proud of one's home region. Provence continues to win my heart at each visit, and I proudly showcase it to guests who, without any surprises, get to fall in love with its people, its food, its wine and most importantly, its endless and diverse exceptional scenery.

Sri Lanka

While my best moment in Sri Lanka was riding the train, in 3rd class please, through the jungle and tea plantations (with live music on board from joyful locals),  I fell in love with its people first and foremost. A patchwork of cultures and religions that seem to co-exist in peace with great pride.

Mikael's gallery

Q&A with Mikael

In which city did you grow up?

Aix En Provence, France

Where did you go on family vacations as a child?

We were rarely able to afford it, which could explain my passion for travel, and our work in making our journeys unique and memorable.

What was the first country you ever visited (outside of your own) and how old were you?

Spain, probably 10

When did you first realize that travel meant something more to you?

On my first trip to the US, at age 17. I knew from that moment that I had to expand my horizons, meet new people, immerse in new culture and that without it, I would never be quite content.

5-Star Hotel or Private Villa?

Private Villa so long there is concierge service :-)

What’s the one travel tip that you always share with all your friends/guests?

Don't overthink it and for Pete's sake, make sure your carry-on has enough to get you by the first 2 days!!!

What are your top 3 cities or towns?

Paris, always! Then Cape Town and Ubud (Bali).

What has been your most spiritual travel experience?

I have two: My "water cleansing" in Ubud (Bali) and my week-long biking in Namibia when I had a chance to truly disconnect from technology and admire the beautiful world for what it is

Who will you never travel with again?

I can't divulge who is on my black list :-)

What is the most stand out restaurant experience you’ve had recently?

A small one Michelin Star restaurant in San Gimignano: Cum Quibus. WOW!

What was your biggest travel faux pas?

Not always having covered the basics of the local language and going all English on them!

New York, Milan or Hong Kong?


What’s the most adventurous travel experience you’ve ever had?

My week long biking in Namibia. That pushed my limits to levels I did not know could be reached while making me look at myself, and the world in general in a whole different way.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Atacama desert in Chile

What do you do to relax and unwind in your personal time?

I become anti-social, focus on myself and then go fly over the winelands to remember how incredible the world is from above

Plane, train or automobile?

I love driving

French Riviera or Swiss Alps?

Swiss Alps

When did you know that your career would be travel related?

When I was building hotel cardboard models at age 13

If you could invite 5 celebrity guests along on your next vacation, who would they be?

Well we had Kathy Griffin and Mario Cantone on a 2008 journey to Bora Bora. Looking back, I would definitely have Mario back, and add Tom Holland, Richard Branson, Neil Patrick Harris and Kathy Bates

What home comfort do you miss the most when travelling?

My bed

Which country makes the best coffee?

Italy, by far

Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad or Fuji?


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