Katie Barratt

Wine Educator & Journey Director

Winefairy (Katie) is one of our two incredible wine educators and is based in Cape Town. She specializes in wines of South Africa, yet her knowledge extends beyond, having traveled around Europe quite a lot. Witty and always fun, Katie would be able to make a beer lover switch to wine through her fun and engaging teachings. Beyond her knowledge of wine (and of the Cape Town region), Katie is also a fantastic journey director, always eager to make sure our guests are not just well taken care of, but "wowed" by their experience. She truly goes above and beyond!

In her own words: “It has been a long journey realizing the dream, but through hard work, much practice (tasting aka drinking) and many studies later here we are. I believe in Brand South Africa and go to every effort to showcase the splendor that is the Cape Winelands. Having  grown up in England and moving to South Africa in the early 1980’s my love for this country is deeply rooted and where better than surrounded by magnificent vineyards and the fruits of those vines. Wine is often thought of as elitist and can be quite intimidating, I strive to demystify the mystery that is wine and just simplify the essence of what is in your glass and why you like it. You’d be amazed at how exciting it is when someone just ‘gets’ it. It is so satisfying to me to educate and share the passion and see the fire that ignites the soul to yearn for more,. I just love wine”.

One on One with Katie

In which city did you grow up?

Great Haywood UK and Johannesburg SA

When did you first realize that travel meant something more to you?

When I went to Canada in 1998

5-Star Hotel or Private Villa?

Either works, just no tents please.

What’s the one travel tip that you always share with all your friends/guests?

Always leave a little space in your suitcase for wine

What are your top 3 cities or towns?

Paris, Cape Town, Knysna

What has been your most spiritual travel experience?

Following the footsteps of St Francis of Assissi on our trip to Italy

Who will you never travel with again?

Now that would be telling...

What is the most stand out restaurant experience you’ve had recently?

Chef's Table at The Belmond Mount Nelson

What was your biggest travel faux pas?

No such thing, other than getting on a boat.

New York, Milan or Hong Kong?

New York

What’s the most adventurous travel experience you’ve ever had?

South African Safaris... Walking in the African Bush with the The Big 5

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

It's a long list but probably London and Paris.

What do you do to relax and unwind in your personal time?

Go to a movie, walk on the beach, drink wine and exhale.

Plane, train or automobile?

Option 1

French Riviera or Swiss Alps?

French Riviera

When did you know that your career would be travel related?

Option 1

If you could invite 5 celebrity guests along on your next vacation, who would they be?

Graham Norton, Queen Elizabeth 2, David Attenborough, Michael Buble, James Martin

What home comfort do you miss the most when travelling?

My Chanel Collection

Which country makes the best coffee?


Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad or Fuji?

Doesn't matter, I'm in front of the camera, not behind it.

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