Tim Varan

Wine Educator & guest host

Tim is known in the wine industry for keeping detailed records of every wine he tastes. He's also known for having a very accurate palate and a great selection of wines. He tastes wines weekly and judges them on their individual merit without concern of reviews or scores. Tim owns Tim's Wine Market, with 5 stores in the Orlando metro area and on the Florida East coast.

What he enjoys most about the wine business:

Definitely the people, both producers and customers, who make each day fun. Since our tag line is featuring the faces and places that make wine great, I get to travel and taste wine with vendors and producers, learning the fine details of what makes each wine relevant. Then I get to use that knowledge to teach, either to my employees and franchisees, or in one of our Wednesday night classes or one-on-one with customers. The ultimate moment of joy comes from having someone tell me that they enjoyed a wine that was outside their comfort zone.