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Private Spaces, by Art In Voyage

Private Spaces

Carve Out Your Own Piece Of The World

The World is changing, and so is the way one travels. Art In Voyage is taking you beyond travel once again, with our collection of Private Spaces around the world. With our assistance, expertise, and trusted relationships with exclusive partners on the ground, find a perfectly suited private space for you and your loved ones.

Let's re-imagine, together, the way you travel.

Art in Voyage
From the exclusive yacht sailing the Greek Island to your own private luxury barge going up and down the Burgundy canal, we have access to hundreds of some of the most unique floating vessels, be it for 2, 4, 20 or 100 guests.
Art in Voyage
Our partnership with some of the largest brokers in the world is one that gives our guests access to small, medium and larger jets. Whether you are looking to fly to Vermont for the weekend, take the whole family to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday in Africa or meet up with friends and family on the coast of Montenegro, we have you covered. Our service comes with private drivers on arrival, red carpet and private check-in lounge.
Art in Voyage
It is not a typo. Art In Voyage has access to some of the most incredible trains out there, for private and exclusive use. Whether it is for a whiskey adventure in Scotland, a private safari in Africa or to explore some of the ancient cultures of Peru, enjoy the ultimate classy experience and impress family and friends in the process. The typical journey lasts 4 days, yet, some of our trains may take you around for up to 10 days. ALL ABOARD!
Art in Voyage
Few people can resist the lure of their own private piece of land even for a short time in the midst of vast turquoise oceans. The true luxury of private island rentals is the sheer freedom and escape from the pressures of modern day living. Island life is slow and casts a spell that is hard to resist. An island does not have a house number; an island has a soul. There, the privacy is unsurpassed making these islands the perfect place for a wedding, honeymoon, birthday celebration, anniversary party or multi-generational family gathering.
Art in Voyage
There is nothing like spending a week in the heart of history to bring a new perspective on life, or come home inspired by new styles, new decor ideas and new grand projects! Working with Art In Voyage is having access to over 200 incredible castles and estates around the world, for small and larger gathering, whatever the celebration might be! Whether you choose a medieval palace, a fort or a Victorian folly, Art In Voyage will re-imagine your stay for a few days, a week or longer, and provide all the comfort and services that will truly make you feel like the lord or the lady..of the house!
Art in Voyage
With a selection of over 2,000 private estates around the World, our experts will find you the perfect villa, chalet, glamping camps or estate to escape your daily routine or worries. Fully staffed and a-la-carte services come with all our retreats of distinction, alongside the legendary Art In Voyage concierge service. Looking for a temporary relocation somewhere around the world? Be it to escape the daily grind or immerse in other cultures, our team will locate the perfect home away from home for a month or however long may be needed to reconnect, rejuvenate or grow.

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