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The 10 Most Beautiful And Captivating Islands in French Polynesia

Discover French Polynesia

It is said that French Polynesia is the closest thing we have to paradise on earth. With its far-flung tropical islands that stretch into the world’s largest ocean, a getaway in French Polynesia can truly be considered as the epitome of luxury destinations.

French Polynesia is collectively made up of 118 dispersed islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Travelers can uncover something truly unique on each island such as the variety of colored beaches from white volcanic sands, black volcanic shores and the serene pink beaches on the remote island of Tikehau.

Imagine an idyllic island paradise sculpted by moss-covered peaks that get lost between the clouds, surrounded by garlands of palm-fringed sand stretching around turquoise lagoons.





Bora Bora




Nuka Hiva


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