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For several centuries, Africa has attracted some of the most intrepid explorers. Even as the World has become an easier place to conquer, to this day, Africa remains a magical destination that is, by all standards, still rarely visited. Art In Voyage is proud to be working with some of the best properties, guides, conservationists, private pilots, and local experts to turn any requests, even the most daring, into a reality. From the jungles of Rwanda to the rarely visited Pokot and Turkana tribes, from the simplest (yet unforgettable) safari expedition to the very bowels of the earth itself in the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, from the Winelands of South Africa to the Sossulvei dunes of Namibia, or some of the most remote areas of the Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, or Moroccan Sahara, we can arrange adventures that will never be forgotten.

Art In Voyage has, over the past 3 years, re-enforced its presence in Africa with the opening of an office in Cape Town. By doing so, we have become closer to our valued partners, have been able to experience, on our behalf, many of the properties and destinations we recommend today. Our expertise in more than 10 African countries and over 35 destinations on the continent is what allows us to deliver bespoke luxury safaris, daring encounters, outdoor & wellness experience, or foodie adventures to Africa.
Each Exclusive Journey is created by our team of experts and specifically tailored to your personality, based on your particular interests, preferences, and budget.

Our Africa travel experts are all based in South Africa, and many of them have lived here their whole life. This local presence gives us an edge, one that will take your experience from great to..incredible! And who knows, our Founder and CEO may even surprise you with a scenic flight over Cape Town and the Cape Winelands during your visit.

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