How will you be Celebrating the Return of Travel?

Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel

February 2, 2022

Travel is making a big comeback in 2022 and Art in Voyage invites you to celebrate your upcoming “Special Occasions” with more pomp and ceremony this year! To all of you who put your celebrations on hold, it’s time to start planning for those special days once again.

Whether it’s taking your significant other to “that island” they keep hinting about, celebrating that promotion you received during the pandemic or simply traveling to a beautiful location for your milestone birthday bash, we’ve got you covered. Browse our top travel destinations for 2022 and be inspired to treat yourself and commemorate your important life events once again.

Boat-on-water-Venice-Italy-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Resort-on-the-water-Maldives-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Waterway-Venice-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Crystal-blue-shoreline-Maldives-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
House-on-the-water-Maldives-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel

Valentines Day | Destinations with a Hint of Romance

Valentine’s day makes for the perfect excuse to visit some of the most romantic destinations that the world has to offer. As people are slowly moving away from the chaos of the pandemic, lovers are finding time once again to travel, reconnect, and get some well-deserved R&R with their significant others.

However, because travel has been on hold for so long, travelers not only want their first trip to be something that fulfills their travel expectations, they also now crave memorable itineraries that are “out of the ordinary”.

Destinations like the Maldives makes for the perfect 2022 getaway; not only as a romantic destination geared towards couples, but also for its secluded location and overall exclusivity that they provide. Enjoy an array of first world amenities, including some of the world’s best spas and a wide range of the world’s top hotels and resorts.

Spend your days snorkeling with hundreds of different species of fish – exploring the depths of the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean – or simply sun bathe on the pristine beaches surrounding the island. The epitome of a tropical paradise!

But, if an island escape for two isn’t quite what you had in mind, Europe is always on hand to deliver a luxurious experience, brimming with old-world charm.

Venice, Italy is still one of the top picks for romantic destinations, for good reason. Nibble and dribble your way through St. Mark’s Square, where local vendors come together and offer some of the best delicacies found in Italy or simply stroll the streets and immerse yourself in the country’s impressive architecture. Even for the most well-versed traveler, Venice retains a sense of mystery, and allure that is hard to beat.

Travel Tip: Hold on to your food as hundreds of pigeons might try to swoop in for a bite!

For more ideas on your next romantic adventure, why not check out our other blogs such as; Romantic Getaways in the Northern Hemisphere.

Houses-on-coastline-San-Juan-Puerto-Rico-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Men-drinking-in-a-circle-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Palm-tree-Key-west-Florida-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Bachelorette-party-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Houses-in-San-Juan-Puerto-Rico-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party | One Final HOO-RAA

Every soon-to-be bride dreams of the perfect wedding, and sometimes, the perfect wedding means the perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette party to accompany it.

Whilst international destinations may be hard to consider for a simple “night on the town”, there are still some fun options within the US that cater to the perfect weekend getaway.

In the mood for an island party? Consider Key West, Florida. This tiny island city is known for throwing some of the wildest parties on the planet. And with balmy, tropical weather and an exotic atmosphere, this party town certainly delivers.

Looking for something more exotic? San Juan, Puerto Rico is another tropical paradise found in the U.S territory that makes for a great “last night out” or last “hoo-raa”. This tropical Caribbean paradise is filled with nightclubs, bars and casinos making it the perfect place to relax at the seaside during the day and top up on your socializing by night.

Travel tip: Both of these destinations do not require a passport!

Ladies-wearing-Kimonos-in-Japan-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
desert-plains-Atacama-Desert-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Friends-gathering-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Desert-plains-in-Atacama-desert-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Mount-Fuji-in-Japan-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel

Birthday | Another Trip Around the Sun Deserves A New Experience

As we get older, we want the experiences in our life to be more meaningful in order to add value and new perspective to an already beautiful life. Another trip around the sun means a celebration of these experiences, or it can mean, “A chance to celebrate with a new experience”.

For the cultural traveler, the person who spends their life trotting the globe, immersing themselves in other cultures, Japan is a destination that delivers a cultural immersion like no other place worldwide.

One of the oldest civilizations, its beautiful, rich history is accentuated by a varied and spectacular natural landscape. The country is flooded with breathtaking views, with many believing that Mount Fuji takes the cake (birthday humor).

Travel Tip: If you visit Japan during the fall, you can catch the cherry blossoms that only bloom for a few weeks during the year!

If culture and history doesn’t grab your attention, why not consider heading outdoors for experiences that take thrill seeking to the next level? The Atacama Desert in western Chile makes for the perfect outdoor destination with its jagged ravines, billowing geysers, and arid salt flats that are a sight to behold. Get up close and personal with nature and discover how this landscape has helped shape the community and the people who call it home.

Fun Fact: Because of the extra-terrestrial quality of the natural landscape, NASA has used this area multiple times in order to field test their Martian rovers.

For a truly life changing experience, why not check out our Magellan Odyssey Tour, which includes this other-worldly destination, along with nine other destinations that will leave you speechless!

Engagement-rings-by-Art-in-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Burgundy-castle-in-France-By-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Loving-couple-smiling-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Married-couple-by-Art-in-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel
Koh-Samui-Thailand-by-Art-In-Voyage-Special Occasions | Celebrating The Return of Travel

Wedding/Anniversary | Destinations that Celebrate Union

One way to make your partner not forget your anniversary this year is to plan a trip to a destination with just as much history as the two of you share; giving them the subtle hint that the special day is around the corner.

Burgundy, a breathtaking region in central-eastern France, dates all the way back to the 5th century, and still has the medieval villages and castles to prove it.

Apart from offering some of the best wine routes that can be found in all of France, the region is also known for being the best in river tourism, having the largest network of waterways in the country.

Sail along the renowned Canal de Bourgogne or take a trip down Canal du Nivernais where thousands of tourists come to admire the ingenious series of loch’s known as the “échelle de Sardy”.

Burgundy offers travelers an experience that can not easily be matched, offering a mixture of historical landmarks that catapult you back in time, together with some of the best wines that can be found throughout the country.

Fun Fact: Burgundy is the Birthplace of Chardonnay!

However if you plan to get married, or celebrate your anniversary with the wind in your hair, sand between your toes, your partner in one hand, and a coconut in the other, then Koh Samui is calling your name.

Located off the east coast of Thailand, this island paradise enjoys sunny weather year round, giving you all the perks of an island getaway, while skipping the monsoon season.

Treat yourself to a private yacht experience close to the Ang Thong Marine National Park, taking in the archipelago of picturesque islands surrounded by turquoise waters.

As the world enters a new era of travel, travelers want their vacations to be just that, a vacation. Your vacation should be planned and organized with great attention to detail so that you can spend more time on the things that really matter. We understand this need and we are ready and waiting to help make this process even easier than ever before!

For more travel inspiration, explore our catalog of Curated Journey’s, designed with top-class experiences in mind. What are you waiting for? Make 2022 more memorable by commemorating those important milestones in your life.

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