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2022 Travel Plans: Reasons to Reignite you Inner Nomad

July 13, 2021

Although it is still difficult to predict how travel will be affected in the coming months, there is compelling evidence to suggest that we all need something to look forward to and there is certainly no need to put your 2022 travel plans on hold.

Since the advent of COVID, travel has become something to be feared or put on hold for one day in the distant future. However, with the introduction of the vaccine, travel has started to return, with many countries removing the need to self-isolate and reducing the amount of testing required.


Whilst restrictions remain, tourism must resume if only for the economic benefits that many communities actively rely upon. If this is not motivation enough, psychologists report that the anticipation of a holiday is almost as good as the holiday itself, which is a strong argument for why we should all be planning our next vacation, despite the current circumstances.


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Enjoy the Perks of Planning Ahead

Booking a holiday today ensures that you will be able to enjoy the full experience of your dream trip by bringing positive change to the areas you visit. Through booking locally owned and operated lodges and experiences, you will ensure that you positively impact the business and economies that need it the most. Plus, with restricted availability of destinations in 2022, waiting for a future date may mean that you miss out on your dream experience all together.

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Procrastinate and Risk Missing Out

Reduced airline capacity means that not only are there fewer seats available, but prices are also higher than previous years. As the markets gradually reopen to full capacity, you may be unable to secure an airline ticket or reservation for your dream destination if you leave it until the last minute. Additionally, early booking means you will enjoy the benefit of securing great offers with flexible cancellation policies. And the longer you have to plan, the longer you have to future-proof your itinerary and save money!

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Become Part of the Solution

By booking your holiday in advance, you provide much-needed financial respite for the destinations you plan to visit. Your booking deposit goes directly to the businesses who have been most impacted by the lack of tourism and ensures that they can survive these quieter months.

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You Dream the Journey, We Will Do the Rest!

In these uncertain times, what remains clear is that we all need to continue to dream. Booking or making 2022 travel plans may seem frivolous and unimportant to you now, but not travelling at all has far reaching implications that should not be overlooked. For those who are brave enough to look ahead, there are many benefits to being the first to re-enter the world as a tourist and we encourage you to count yourself as one of them.